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Ok, Iknow that a lot of you have problems finding parts for your bikes. I have one guy who can get me anything I want for a fraction of what the "Other" places charge.

The website is, and Jeff is the guy you deal with. It's just Jeff, and you talk to him every time. Even though the site is geared toward the Z1, and vintage UJM's (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) he is a registered dealer with all the parts outfits, and can get whatever you need. He is also starting to builda GL stock. All you need to do is drop him an email, tell him what you want, and within a day he'll tell you how much, and what the lead time is.


Progressive springs:

Dennis kirk: $75.99

Z1: $58.44

Starter motor:

Dennis kirk: $236.95

Z1: $175.00

Front Fork Seals:

Dennis Kirk: $20.99 (K&L Comparable)

Z1: $9.51 (K&L brand)

I have yet to find a place that is cheaper than him, and the greatest thing is that if you have questions on how to install this, or fix that, he has been a MC Mechanic for years, and will walk you through it.
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