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fgar10 wrote:
i just got an 86 aspencade that had been stored for years. i am in a wheelchair and drive from sidecar. i cleaned bike took off badly rusted parts, replaced seat, battery, and now i am going through brakes and fuel system. any suggestions of other things to do before first startup? heres picture of setup, looks good but not as good as 3 years ago.
First off my congratulations on your determination! You are doing what a lot of people with no disabilities couldn't handle. Since you say you are going through the fuel system, I would guess you are planning on cleaning up the carbs which probably need it. Probably a good bit of junk in the carb bowls and gum and varnish in the rest of the carbs unless the bike was carefully stored.

One thing for sure, CHANGE THE TIMING BELTS, sorry about raising my voice, but on these bikes if the belts break you get a lot of damage in the heads and pistons! Even if the belts were new when the bike was stored, if it's been stored for a long time, I wouldn't trust the belts. Considering the cost of what happens when they break, it's cheap.

Check the stator plug and socket, that's the 3 wire connector coming out of the stator located just below and to the left of the battery. If there's any deterioration of the connector, you're best off to splice it out. A soldered splice with heat shrink will do the job. Also take a look at the connector under the top cover in the left front part of the bike near the rectifer/regulator. Same three yellow wires and same problem, sometimes (often) they overheat. If there's any sign of overheating or corrosion, splice them out too.

Fog the cylinders with oil and crank it over a bit with the kill switch off. It wouldn't hurt to put a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil in the oil prior to running the bike. I'd make a second oil and filter change after a couple hours use while the engine's hot to help clean up the crud. Keep an eye on the water pump, on the left front of the engine, there's a weep hole in the casting just under it. If you see any coolant or oil it will need new seals.

There will be other ideas from some of the guys on the forum, but that's what I'd do for starters. Good Luck and Bravo!

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