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I wanted to introduce myself and my Goldwing. So, I am Scott, been riding a smaller bike for a while now and decided to get a bigger one that would allow me some comfort on those longer trips I would like to take.
I did not have a lot of money to work with and so I did some work for a guy and earned $400. This was in addition to $100 I had, so $500 was my budget to get a bike. Not much. After looking at many Craigslist ads, I ran across this 82 Goldwing Interstate listed cheap. I called and he dropped the price to $300 over the phone. Big bonus, it was in my area. I went to look at it and found that it did not run, needed fork seals and needed a lot of cleaning. I do not have a truck so the guy loaned me his roll-back car hauler to haul it home, no charge.
I got the bike home, fiddled with it a little, put in fresh plugs and a good battery and it fired right up. I have spent the last few weeks mostly riding it, but also cleaning and doing minor stuff to it. I replaced the fork seals, cut the rack and rewelded it to move the helmet box back for more passenger room. I removed a lot of chrome bits and extra wires, hooked the factory Amp up so I can just plug into my cell phone and listen to MP3s or stream music. All in all after a new battery, forks seals, plugs and some other stuff, I am into the bike for about $500.
The PO must have loved this bike, he installed a Travelcade seat, very nice, Jardine pipes, UNI air filter, loads of chrome and handle bar re-locators.
I have put a few hundred miles on it now and just love it. Timing belts are next on the list of things to do soon. Tires this winter.
I hope to be able to contribute as time goes on and I learn more. I am a mechanic, have been for 22+years and have worked on anything with an engine. So, that's me and my $300 Goldwing.

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Welcome, Welcome To Steve Saunders Goldwing Forum so withany Maintenance you do.If you have any questions no matter how trivial they may seem this forum is the place to ask them. What I have noticed is that some of the people here were 'Goldwings in their previous lives and can answer any question you have. The forums that I get the most from are::

Goldwing Technical Forum
General Motorcycle Discussion Forum

These have the best info about your bike and are where you ask questions and get help..

For Sale/Wanted Forum Good stuff for Sale....

And when you just need a good laugh:: Fun Forum
Again Welcome to the Forum...

And A Big Welcome From Clermont, Indiana.....

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