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Newbie from Swiss

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Hi everybody, just wanted to say hello from swiss and show my 1992 SE with 110000k. I have the bike 6 month now and love it. Runs very smooth and so comfy. Got the bike dez 22 and done full service on the bike incl the engine, light bulbs, breaks and so on.

Since i have it i done about 6000k on it 😀 and enjoyed every mile on it. I am surprised how easy they handle and can corner even with two up. Personally i ride bike since the age of 12. So riding now about 40 years plus.

Just asking myself why did i not buy one earlier 😐.. sold my KTM Adventure and golid arrived 😀. Previously i done a lot travel on adv bikes but hey not sure i go back as this goldi is like riding a sofa :).



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Welcome,beautiful bike

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