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Hi folks, looking for some advice.
I have a 1991 GL 1500 SE. Has 322,000 km and works great. Years ago I installed a headlight modulator.
Yesterday I rode about 150 km and parked it in the garage. Today I backed it out to get the mower. When I finished up I went to start it and nothing. Does not turn over, no neutral light, no clicking from the solenoid and no headlights. Tried a boost and no change. Checked kill switch and is in the run position and cycled it through positions several times.
All fuses test as good and fusible link appears good. Turn signals, stereo, brake lights and horn all work when key is in run position. Cruise control light works on dash. Difficult to tell if the dash lights are working.
I havent run any tests yet but hoping for some advice.
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