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Noob here, Need some advice

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Hi all, I am looking to get a Goldwing and I'd like some advice from the folks on this board. I've ridden bikes for many years, I started out riding dirt bikes when I was 5. I graduated to street bikes when I turned 16 and my dad bought me a Yamaha special 400. When a friend totaled it I bought a 700 Virago and my dad had a 1200 Venture. I rode his bike a few times and loved the feel of the big cushy thing. I now have an 06 V-Star. I bought it thinking my wife would never throw a leg across it after scaring her for life with the Virago I had years ago. Well she surprised me by asking to go for a ride. She fell in love with riding but not with the little Pillion pad that is supposed to be for her. So now I'm in the market for a bigger bike. I've always like the look of a Goldwing and I've heard so many people say that it is the only way to go for a touring bike. So, with that in mind what say you? What should I look for, I'm selling the Yamaha and using the funds towards the Goldwing. I'm guessing the budget will be somewhere south of $7000. Thanks in advance.
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Hey there,

Welcome to the Goldwing family (soon to be anyways). A lot of good advice on this thread already.
With your size and riding experience, I do not think you will have a bit of problem transitioning into the 1500 or 1800.
My opinion on the 93 and what seems to be a fair trade that has already come up for you.
Personally I would not make the deal. While it IS a good deal, you seem to have a little wiggle room in that you are not so desperate that it is all you will be able to afford. Remember it is a 20 year old bike already with 100K on the odometer. Granted that it will continue to be a good running bike for many miles to come. But why take the chance and jump on the first bike that comes up. Shop around.

Take a look at this one here, I found that one within a few minutes of doing a search. It is close enough and would be a good first trip for you to fly out and ride home by yourself and learn the new bike. Plus it is low enough miles that you will be almost guaranteed another 100K miles out of it if you chose to stay with the 1500.

LOL you do have quite the decision to make here and lots of choices out there. Just my own opinion on things. (you know what they say about opinions and ******** :ssshh:)
Ohhh and make sure you take a look at the events thread and try to make some of the M&G's. Loads of great ppl on this board.

Keep us updated on what you decide on in the end. :waving:
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