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Noob here, Need some advice

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Hi all, I am looking to get a Goldwing and I'd like some advice from the folks on this board. I've ridden bikes for many years, I started out riding dirt bikes when I was 5. I graduated to street bikes when I turned 16 and my dad bought me a Yamaha special 400. When a friend totaled it I bought a 700 Virago and my dad had a 1200 Venture. I rode his bike a few times and loved the feel of the big cushy thing. I now have an 06 V-Star. I bought it thinking my wife would never throw a leg across it after scaring her for life with the Virago I had years ago. Well she surprised me by asking to go for a ride. She fell in love with riding but not with the little Pillion pad that is supposed to be for her. So now I'm in the market for a bigger bike. I've always like the look of a Goldwing and I've heard so many people say that it is the only way to go for a touring bike. So, with that in mind what say you? What should I look for, I'm selling the Yamaha and using the funds towards the Goldwing. I'm guessing the budget will be somewhere south of $7000. Thanks in advance.
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96> may have had a few bad alternators, which is not much of a problem. The earlier models had a tendency to loose 4th gear, which is a big problem.
dave is right here..........get a 98 or newer. Make damn sure you get one with cruise control. I use reverse once in a while. I would not get a interstate. Get the newest, low milage, 98 or newer you can afford. I would not trade for that old of a bike. Nope. No way. (Key words here....... 98 or newer you can afford)


Hey there,

Welcome to the Goldwing family (soon to be anyways). A lot of good advice on this thread already.
With your size and riding experience, I do not think you will have a bit of problem transitioning into the 1500 or 1800.
My opinion on the 93 and what seems to be a fair trade that has already come up for you.
Personally I would not make the deal. While it IS a good deal, you seem to have a little wiggle room in that you are not so desperate that it is all you will be able to afford. Remember it is a 20 year old bike already with 100K on the odometer. Granted that it will continue to be a good running bike for many miles to come. But why take the chance and jump on the first bike that comes up. Shop around.

Take a look at this one here, I found that one within a few minutes of doing a search. It is close enough and would be a good first trip for you to fly out and ride home by yourself and learn the new bike. Plus it is low enough miles that you will be almost guaranteed another 100K miles out of it if you chose to stay with the 1500.

LOL you do have quite the decision to make here and lots of choices out there. Just my own opinion on things. (you know what they say about opinions and ******** :ssshh:)
Ohhh and make sure you take a look at the events thread and try to make some of the M&G's. Loads of great ppl on this board.

Keep us updated on what you decide on in the end. :waving:
love my 1500
Well, after three long months of looking for just the right one I think I found it. It's about 5 hours away but if the description and pictures are anywhere near correct, I think it's a fair trade. It's a little older, a 93 Aspencade but it only has 26k on it. One owner and has been meticulously maintained the bike. All the records come with it and has a host of new items like timing belts, battery, alt, and tires. All the usual's have been done oil, filters, etc. A few shiney parts have been added and a tall windshield with the vent. Even trade for my Vstar and he'll pay the transfer fees. I go pick it up Sunday.

Sorry about the long time before the update but I'm the kind of guy that researches something to death before plopping down money. Sometimes it works great, sometimes I miss a good deal. What are your opinions guys?
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That looks like a sweet bike. You're gonna love it!
If it runs out good, shifts (all gears) Well, and you are happy with the deal, Then I think you have found your wing!!

If I was looking at that wing and all checked out and the owner wanted $4500 for it, I would make that deal.

Make sue you get the belts changed!! If you don't know the age of the new ones coming with the wing, trash them and buy new ones, a set at NAPA are under $40, don't chance it.

Good luck with it! Post pics of your first ride for us! We know the smiles won't be just for the camera......
Looks good. I had a '93 that I sold with 175k miles on it and it was still running and shifting like new. There's a fellow near here who has almost 400,000 miles on his '93 so they can last a long time.
The only odd thing I see on that bike is the angle of the pipes. Looks like they're aimed downward for some reason.
One thing I'd do to that bike is take a saber saw to that Tulsa shield. I really don't like to ride a bike that has a windshield that I can't see over the top of.
Check out the pipes on this 1500. The ones on the bike you're looking at look like aftermarket pipes or at least the ends are. But I've never seen any at that angle.


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Hello and Welcome to the forum and Goldwing community.
Those slash cut mufflers look to me , to be HD take offs . From the info you post it sounds like a cared for bike .
Take a little empty parking lot time to get used to the bike . When I first rode my 1500 it has a diffrent feel from other bikes at low /stopping speeds . Its not bad , just different .
Oh , and dont take both hands off the bars while slowing down . Between 40ish and 30ish it has the ability to get a wobble with no hands on the bars.Yours may or may not do it . It seems to have a few causes such as tire wear and headstock bearing adjustment .
Thanks to all for the words of encouragement and support, I'll definitely be taking some first ride pics this weekend and boring you all to death with them and other inane details of a person with a new toy.
I had a 93 and it was a great solid bike.. If you're concerned about the alt, just get a volt meter and keep an eye on the out put.. That will let you know if your going have any problems ahead of time..
The one thing I'd say is the 1500s like a good strong battery ......
Makes sure it shifts good i believe the 93 had the bad shifting forks in some of them? and those are HD take off pipes the reason for the angle i'm sure. strange that the stock pipes would have rusted out already. may have been damaged or something. check the title make sure it's not rebuilt and the mileage is correct.

the black trike i just got is a 93 with 117000 and it runs awesome. I think you'll have a great bike there and will last you a long, long, long long, long time.
I suspect the bike was owned by someone who wanted more noise. My '93 still has its original pipes on it and the new owner has about 190,00 miles on it. The pipes still look good with shiny chrome, no rust visible.
Well, I got her home and took her for a ride last night. It was probably not a good idea as the weather was questionable but I did it anyway...WOW I am so impressed with this bike. I knew after the test ride when trading I was going to love it but riding in the rain last night two up with my wife was awesome. The bike handles like a dream and is so much more comfortable for me and her. We rode for about an hour and a half and neither of us were ready to quit but I had been on the road since 4 yesterday morning to go get it that I decided it was best to get home and get some rest. This morning I went out, wiped off the bike and went out again. SOOO nice! I'll get some pictures up soon, I took so many the batteries in my camera died and it won't upload. LOL.
Hi Smokeybear, and welcome.

There's not a lot I can offer in advise that hasn't been given already, but I will add this. Going to a Goldwing will allow both you AND your wife to ride for hours with little discomfort if any. Wendy and I have gone over 250 miles without a stop and felt no worse for time.

For her one thing is mandatory, a set of good armrests. For the passenger, having the arms in one position can cause a lot of fatigue and wear on the neck, shoulders and back. Whatever you get, put a set of those on and you'll have one happy pillion.

And whatever you get, don't forget to post pics. We get real persnickety on that.
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