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The photos and doc's you found for the mods on the "new" stereo look like a good quality installation on an "AUX" input mod. If both stereos play with hardly any volume, next place I'd check is a stuck "Mute" button on the left handlebar. Mine stuck leaving me with very low volume with vol control to max, and it took a couple hours of fiddling with the switch and CRC electrical spray to unstick it. I haven't touched that button since. It's on my list of winter projects to disassemble all handlebar switches on both left and right sides for a good cleaning. The stereo's "mute" switch sticks, Hazard flashers only flash the left side, Cruise-on button is iffy (I just don't turn it off), cruise "Resume" is also iffy, works but have to push it 3 or 4 times before it does anything, and lately the starter button sometimes quits if pushed in fully, have to slightly release it to actuate the starter.

If your mute switch isn't the low volume culprit, next place I'd look would be the speakers themselves, or wiring to them, or fader control if you have rear speakers.

As to cassette door not opening, hard to say. If you can get the door to open once, check for any resistance or friction while carefully closing it. Might be something slightly out-of-line and rubbing on the door.......
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