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Oil change '08 1800 ABS

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I now have about 16K miles and at each oil change I'm not sure just what is going on with the dip stick. The bike not me. With each oil and filter change I will end up puting in 4 Qts not the 3.9 as noted in the specifications. In the engine oil level checks (maintenance section) with the bike on the center stand start and idle for 3-5 minutes wait 2-3 minutes then check oil. If at or near the lower level add to bring it up to upper level. My problem is that after I put in the 4 Qts, run the engine until the fan comes on and goes off, let set for 3 minutes the dip stick indicates the lower "add oil" level. I can let it set for 2 or 3 hrs, recheck the level and it is at the upper "full" mark. I know I have a full 4 Qts installed but according to the maintenance manual I should add oil to bring it up to the full mark. I have never done this because I know the engine has plenty of oil. Could there be that much difference in the volume of a production crankcase? Could there be that much difference in the lingth of factory dips sticks? Is this something I should just grin about and get on with life?
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I would add oil to bring it up to the mark.
I have a 2003 and have noted similar results. I personally think that the actual quantity of oil in the bottles may be the culprit but I've never taken the time/effort to prove or disprove that theory.
I noticed the same thing on my 01'

It registers just at the ADD mark ob the dip stick with out it being screwed in. My first thought was maybe you have to screw it in on the 1800 but then I read no. I left mine alone this time but will try to top up a little more next time. Looks like it would take close to an extra quart if filled up to the proper mark on dip stick.
over fill it and trouble is on the horizon.

If Honda says 3.9 quarts should do the trick, something is amiss?

Not all Dip Sticks are equal when born. I would check the length of the dip stick against 2 or 5 others.
I just changed mine today.put in 4 quarts and it shows just under the full mark.that was after running engine then letting it sit for maybe 15 minutes.
Mr. saws,
Would you please measure the length of your dip stick (No snickers!!), the length used in checking the level not screwed in, to the center of the "add oil" lower mark? I don't think this is my problem, I'm thinking I don't let the bike set long enough after warm-up. The book calls for 2 to 3 minutes, I'm going to try again and check it several times as the engine cools and drains back to the crankcase. In the past I have only checked it at the 3 minute mark and several hours later. By the way, thanks to all that responded. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that has noticed this.
You didn't specifically ask for mine but here it is any way...

Entire stick, the bottom of the threaded plug STARTS exactly at the one inch mark. Then a close up of the starting point and another of the lower end.

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I just measured mine its the same as Johns. Now i am puzzled i checked the oil after measuring and its reading right at the add mark? i dont know whats going on.It was full a few hours ago,have not drove it and its not leaking?
My 2005 is the same way. When I change oil and filter it takes 4 quarts of oil, and still measures close to the low mark. I DO NOT add any more oil. I check the oil regularly, and it never seems to go any lower in level at any time. So I just leave it alone.
On another note: If I park it on the center stand in my garage in different spots, I get a little different reading each time. So maybe the bike is never really level when checking the oil, and it is almost impossible to get an exact reading.
Thanks for the photos John. Like Saws, mine measures out to be exactly as yours. My bike hasn't been started in 2 days and the oil level is at the full mark. Tomorrow I will go through the start up, warm up, and cool down cycle and report back. Thanks again for the photos.
I think I have the answer! Here's what I found after engine run and shut down. Each time slot has 3 oil level checks.
0 time..........full/full/full
3 minutes.....full/full/full
6 minutes.....full/full/full
11 minutes...full/lower mark/full
21 minutes...full/full/full
Looking about an inch into the engine I found what looks like a dip stick guide. Keeping the dip stick in the guide will produce the same reading every time. Moving the dip stick above (out of the guide) will give less than full and sometimes nothing on the dip stick. I also turned the dip stick CCW until it dropped (clicked) to pick up the first thread. This will give the same depth every check.
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