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Roman Władyka‎
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Hello Goldwingers.

I made new differential gears to Goldwing gl1800 2001-17

(left side new right side original) 20% fast , economic 5,4 l /100 km ,
engine work slowly 800 r/min ,
(4000 rpm=190km/h) to 5 gear max speed equals 118.75 mph

260km/h , acceleration 3,8s -100

Final drive goes from 2.750 to 2.2

This is the Facebook homepage for the guy who makes this gear set.,dCH-R-R&eid=ARC2ORMBTyDWJEvPdsCvb5gvYRIy-IrAQvW1r0RHy9ebkB6xD-vMs7udXFC5Cy7SMkm4z5cU3U3qqHJ8&hc_ref=ARRdEBT3F9sJp3VcbSMY0YCBrYokwS8B1Dy1lwCiZwazhec3PFH9FtiYUmN0rR4uZtQ&fref=nf

this is the Facebook link to his post:


I'm not making any comments as to the veracity of this gear set.
it appears to be well made, and with the reduction ratio he has, it will feel like you are taking off in 2nd gear instead of 1st gear.

the invisible 6th gear will be the normal 5th gear....
so, to get a taller top end, you sacrifice the low end.

2.75 / 2.2 gives a 1.25 ratio advantage or disadvantage depending on your point of view.

so the typical 3,000 rpm for 60 mph now becomes 2,400 rpm.

that is a huge drop.... that "over-drive 6th gear" is almost useless unless you are on the level with no headwind.


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What I've been saying all along is that a taller final gear ratio is all that's needed. 1st gear is too low as it is now, a lot of people take off in 2nd.
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