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Raveller wrote:
Usually the price of a clean bike is more than the sum of its parts. The best way to figure price is to compare craigslist prices and Ebay prices. It can be lucrative to part out a bike on ebay but you have to take into consideration the work involved in selling all the parts of a bike. There is the labor to dissasemble ,list your parts including taking pics, shipping,billing, trips to the post office and ups or fedex, the space to take apart the bike and lasly what do you do with what doesn't sell.
Just my thoughts.
I hope this helps,
Good luck,
well said. I know a guy up the road that has a pretty good biz on ebay. I bought a few parts from him last month. When I picked them up, he was telling me how a 1200 that he got for "next to nothing" because of a clutch problem will sell for between $4k and $5.5k on ebay.

His life, though, is ebay. Its his only income. And he has a huge shop full of parts, many of which look like parts he has listed multiple times trying to sell. Perhaps they eventually do sell, but after awhile you would have to have a pretty careful record of what sells and doesnt sell to really know whether you are in the black or not...

And, it would all start with getting a killer deal on something. The less you pay for it to start with...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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