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I have sold my GL1100 and so have the extra parts I have accumulated for sale and I thought I would offer them on here before trying Ebay UK
I don't know if many UK users will look at this but you never know

GL1100 engine , sprayed black with engine paint minus covers and starter motor (no Carbs) £200 ONO

Brand new stainless exhaust system bought at the end of last year and due to be fitted for MOT in April, still in box £350 ONO

Rear brake caliper (two piston type) working when removed as I refurbished my spare in advance to save time when I did the full brake overhaul £30 ONO

17" rear wheel including axle and all spacers (tyre needs replacing) £25 ONO

Pair of Genuine Honda Handlebar mirrors £20 ONO

Rear differential from 1983 model £20 ONO

Centre stand (modified with 2 grease nipples to allow lubing in situ) and shaft £30 ONO

Fairing weight £10 ONO

Rear Footboards (need a good clean) £15 ONO

I would suggest the bigger items (esp the motor ) would need to be picked up but should be able to give postage costs when I know the receivers location for the smaller items

There are some more 'odds and ends' but I can't remember them off the top of my head

If someone wants to take it all we can probably come to some discounted arrangement

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