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drknobs wrote:
Cousin Jack wrote:
What I'm pondering is how come the slightly leaning forward ride position of my ST1300 is more comfortable that the bolt upright position of a heavy tourer or cruiser bike? By all laws of physics and common wisdom, that just shouldn't be happening......

I'm not complaining, mind you..... I'm just pondering!
Several decades ago when I worked in a small bicycle shop, it was explained to me this way by a long-distance 10 speed cyclist...

Sitting straight up puts all of your upper bodyweight directly on your lower spine and hips (which also means your hips/lower spine are absorbing all the hits fromany bumps in the road). Sitting in a leaned forward position allows you to distrubutea good dealof that weight thru your arms/upper bodyinstead of entirely thru your back/spine.

That's true. When I was in my early twenties I use to ride 300 miles a week on a bicycle. But if you lean to far forwrd on a bicycle, it cuts the blood flow off to certain male anatomy possibly making a man impodent. :shock::shock:
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