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PCH Hiway 1 - Seattle to San Clemente - Aug 2-7

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Hey all,
I'm planning on an Iron Butt ride in August. Me and my '84 1200 Aspy are heading down the Pacific Coast Hiway in August. The #1 ride in the US according to several biker mags. If anyone is interested in joining up let me know.

The return trip will be through the desert up to Reno, Nevada and then on the the Pacific Northwest GWRRA rally in Pendleton, Oregon the weekend of the 10th.

I have my itinerary planned out - long days on gorgeous roads with spectacular views at every corner. Camping along the way unless the weather gets nasty.

If anyone might be interested in joining me on this once in a lifetime ride, let me know.
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I'd give my left (wal)nut to join you, as that trip is on my bucket list, but I can't imagine doing it as an IBA ride. Too much to stop and see, too many unplanned journeys to take. Some of my greatest memories on a bike involved such side trips. Nebraska or South Dakota is where I'll do mileage runs, but not the PCH.

Anyway, have fun and be safe!

[Example: I was driving in a cage many years ago in central coastal California and turned off to see Big Sur. As I'm approaching the end of the beach road, I see a bearded guy playing frisbee with his son in the front yard of their (humble) home. It was Al Jardine of the Beach Boys! I used to be a fan of theirs, before I went toward the Blues (Allman Brothers), but it was cool to meet him, swim out to Big Sur in my undies and climb all over it, etc. To each our own....]
the visual scenery, windy roads, 2 lanes most all the way, motorhomes doing 15 mph, drivers on the wrong side of the road, speed limit of 35 most of the way…. pretty good reasons why it wouldn't be a good IBA route.
Not quite sure if you are using Ironbutt as a general discripter of a long trip, or an official attempt to join the club. If the former, then you should have a great time. If the latter, forget about making the club.
The PCH ride is a bucket list item for me as well, but I wouldn't even consider doing an Iron Butt, not that I mock your choice, if you have done the PCH then you know what your doing. Me, having never done it, would want to take in every second that I possibly could. I would be lucky if I could make that run in 2 to 3 weeks. The theres the whole Red wood Forest stuff up north that would consume at least another week.........
Be advised that it takes a whole lot longer than you think, to ride the coast... about 4-days to get from the WA/OR border down to Los Angeles; and that's without traffic.

Lot's of it is curves where you'll be lucking to break 30mph.
Hey all,
I'm planning on an Iron Butt ride in August. Me and my '84 1200 Aspy are heading down the Pacific Coast Hiway in August......

....If anyone might be interested in joining me on this once in a lifetime ride, let me know.
What is your route to the coast in WA? I might be interested in joining you for part of your trip depending on my schedule. Maybe down to the Redwoods. I love the coast!

As for the iron butt, as already mentioned you will almost definitely not be able to accomplish that on the coast highway. From my place in Port Orchard to 1000 miles down the coast puts you at Bodega Bay. Google maps puts that at 21 hours, 35 minutes, without stops and without motorhomes. From my experience on the coast highways, making it that far in less than 24 hours with summer traffic would be a miracle. Add to that the fact that you would be travelling a lot of miles in the dark, not only would you miss the spectacular views, but you would also be in heavy deer country, and trying to ride the PCH at night would be even slower because of the large amount of curves. If you were only talking figuratively then the South end of Oregon is doable in one day, a long day.

Timing is important for me too.... but I would ride down to Cannon Beach or even further if time allows. I would be camping as well.
I was thinking figuratively of course. I might attempt the real Iron Butt on the way home - San Clemente to Pendleton, Oregon - that is just over 1000 miles straight up 395 through Reno....

Anyway, I plan on leaving Vancouver, Canada on the 2nd going down I-5 to Mt Vernon and then cutting over to the 101 via the ferry at Port Townsend, continuing on to Astoria for my first night stop.
The next day I hope to get to Gold Beach, then on to Gualala, CA on Sunday. If that is too far, then Fort Bragg would be my next choice.

Then on to San Francisco to a visit with a friend. Tuesday will see me on to Carmel, then down to Dana Point Wednesday, my turn around spot (I have family there). I think this is doable - Google maps says 6 hrs each day - I can go 8 if needed. I have driven this course in a car before with wife and 2 kids, stopping along the way - it was a nice 2 week vacation. I just don't have 2 weeks to do it this time, so sightseeing is not really an option. I just like to ride!
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I could pick up the route as you come Port Townsend and ride with you down to Astoria, camp there for the night and I pull off of the ride at Cannon Beach, Oregon.
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