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davesaul wrote:
So in troubleshooting my stereo problems, I broke the right hand mirror in order to remove the front fairing bits to get at the stereo wiring harness. I've ordered a replacement from texas, and I'm thinking since I've got to get half of it apart again anyways, I should look at brightening my front headlight.

I've read about the Phillips bulb in other posts, but I'm wondering what socket type I need, or are available that will fit my machine. I'd like to have it in hand when I need it, but avoid taking the bike again more than once more (since I'm still riding it - epoxied the right mirror to get by until the new new one arrives).

Again, I have the 1985 GL1200 LTD.
Dave, that depends on the Phillips bulb type. If a standard replacement bulb the base should be the same. You probably won't see much improvement though,,It might look a little brighter due to the replacement. Those Halogen bulbs tend to dim slightly over time so any new bulb looks brighter for a while.

I improved the headlight on my 86 by installing a relay in the light wiring to supply direct battery voltage to the headlight, that gave my 1/2 volt more to the headlight.

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