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Piaggio MP3, was 02 GL1800
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I found these pictures on a USB Backup drive that I was going through deleting everything I had no use for anymore.
My home made pulley for an external alternator

by gervais » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:58 pm

hi all,
well i decided finally to install an external alternator on my 84,even if the alternator on the bike is working,,i dont trust it so i decided to modify mine during the time it is on my table and i am doing her maintenance (she was not well maintain in shape)

i add a helping hand locally from the brother of my xyl that have a "machine tour" and he built it himself.

i modify also the big washer that goes between the 1 st gear on the crank and the nut that keep it there.
i also change the front bolt for a longer one that is screew more deeper in the crank filet .

i add to made first the hole in the front cover,i made a support on a piece of 2/12 wood and screew in place

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