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Plastics on the 1200's

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Perhaps someone already posted something, just figured I'd add my experience.

The older 1200's are wonderfull bikes, but parts are sometimes hard to find or very (rediciously) expensive if you do find them.

I recently removed the stock radio from my 85 Aspy asI wanted to upgrade. Well along with that came out the CB, Intercom etc.

That left a nice size hole on the left side of the fairing, looking around on flea-bay I did find some covers but priced out of sight.

So I opted to make my own using a .090" sheet of polycarbonate and a can of Rustoleum textured plastic paint purchased at the Home Depot. Inexpensive , looks good, serves it's purpose.

The painted texture is surprisingly close to the OEM texture on the fairing.

Perhaps someone can use this idea as well.

Regards, Bart


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