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please please help 86 ' SEI

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Don't want to sound like a pity party, but..... I have my fathers 86' SEI , been sitting for a couple years after it just quit running . Dad came down with lymphoma cancer and is still battling so he never worked on it .

I now have the bike , and trying to get it going for him, I'm not sure if he can even stand it up anymore but I feel I need to at least do this for him . Him and my mom really enjoyed this bike.

I tested the fuel pump and it was bad. so I replaced it with the 86 prelude pump .

No fuel system lights , no power to plug for pump . no diagnostic lights in rear ....... I'm not experienced with electrical and have no idea where to start. matter a fact if anybody is in cincinnati area I'm willing to pay for help ....
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welcome to the forum help will be along shortly
When you say no diagnostic lights, do you mean no trouble codes, or no lights on the computer at all?
I'll let Glhonda or Roscopc lead the way in directing you with electrical trouble shooting as you won't find better assistance from more knowledgeable people. However, being the basic knowledge guy that I am, I would start with connections, Battery, solenoid etc to make sure they are clean and tight. Then start checking fuses, starting with the dog bone fuse right on the solenoid.
Two things come to mind for quick checks: First, make sure the kill switch is set to "run"... that happened to me after doing the pump :). Second, check the relay for the pump. I don't remember which one specifically, but if you look on the fuse block cover the lable should tell you. The one right next to the pump relay should be the same relay, so a quick check is to swap them and see if you get juice. When you first turn the key the pump should kick on for a couple of seconds, after that it will only have power when cranking or running, so if you're checking between those intervals it won't have power.
Welcome to the forum.
Hope you didn't throw the old pump away yet.
There are 2, 30amp dogbone fuses on that Beastie. One is the main fuse that all GL1200's have and is located under the cover on the front of the starter selinoid. The second is an in-line fuse that is located behind the starter selinoid and controls the fuel injection stuff along with other items...

If you have no fuel system lights when you turn the key on I'd bet a dollar that in-line fuse is the culprit! Check the dogbone fuses really close as they can appear good but be cracked and not good at all...
Thank you very much for the welcomes. I will check the dog bone fuses. the kill switch is on run. before I put new pump on the fuel system warning light would flash. but now no lights at all . no I didn't throw old pump away, it's locked up though. Will go from here, I'm sure I will have more questions. thanks again . greatly appreciated .
pm me an email address and i'll forward ya the sei supplement


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