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'Poker run'?

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My friend's daughter is very ill and there will be a poker run in her benefit this weekend. Can anyone tell me how this works? I don't have a clue how to play poker, but I want to join the ride and not be completely ignorant.

BTW this will be Sunday in Mt Sterling KY at the Gateway Cycles shop right off interstate 64. Apparently registration is at 10am.
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The poker runs I have been on had nothing to do with poker skills. Typically you have a form given to you at the starting point,you and ride to a series of 5 stops. At each stop you draw a card (or a domino). It's recorded on your form, and when you get back to the check-in point, the winner is determined by who has the best hand (or the highest number of points for dominos).

It doesn't matter about who gets to a stop first. Just have fun. Of course there will always be some riders who will want to show how fast they are, but usually that's not a problem.

It's all about having a fun ride for a good cause. I ride each year in the Boo Benefit Rally in Jefferson, Texas to raise money for burn victims. In several of the runs, winners donated their winnings back to the fund raiser.

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Yep, as Mike said, no poker skills needed. There's lots of variations but most work as he described. They may or may not have other drawings or games going on as well. Things like mileage guess, different skill or luck games at check points, such as bean bag toss, ring toss, hoop shoot, etc, bug targets, etc. etc. You will find it's easy and fun. Ride you're own ride and enjoy the route. Often you will travel on roads you haven't had a reason to ride before. :)

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The first week I owned a motorcycle, some friends invited me to a poker run sponsored by the NWTF. A full house(queens over 10's)won me $375, which was almost what I paid for the bike!:action:
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Shannon's Warrior Ride

Sunday Sept. 27,2009 @ 11:00am

@ Gateway Cycles (Mt. Sterling,Ky)

Poker Run: $ 10/hand $5/additional hand

Ride begins and ends @ Gateway Cycles in Mt. Sterling

Registration Opens @ 11:00 am

Kickstands Up @ 1:00pm


Best Hand - $100

Worst Hand - $50

50/50 Raffle

Silent Auction

Why: Shannon Mudd,a Senior @ MCHS,was recently

diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

In order to support this lovely young lady,Gateway Cycles is sponsoring a "Warrior Ride" poker run.

100% of the proceeds from the poker run will be donated to Shannon " The Warrior" Mudd Fund.

Come support a local friend & enjoy a concert,silent auction & cookout!

Donations can be made to the Shannon "The Warrior"

Mudd Fund @ any People's Exchange Bank location.

Contact Info:

Jennifer Tipton @ 859.585.2795

Sammantha Mudd @ 859.398.9347

or by e-mail @ [email protected]
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I have the flyer,but my scanner is on the blink.
Thought this would help.
I hope I can make it,by the time the kickstands are up.
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Yes! That's it, thank you very much for posting this. Shannon is like a daughter to me, having known her since the age of 5. Look for my old 83 brown Wing, probably with some yellow and purple ribbons streaming from the antennas.

Even her dad is getting in on the action, even though he hasn't ridden a MC in years.

Thanks for the advice, ironically this is my first poker run so I wasn't sure how it worked.
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Will be looking for you Chris,Like I said I might not get there til late,but you see what I'll be riding,don't be a stranger if you see me pull up.

Any more forum members gonna try and support this fundraiser for this young lady?
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It looks like they just might have sunny skies for the event.

Sunny skies on a weekend,that hasn't happened much here this year.....
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I just write a check, send to the event organizers, and forget to show up.

Call me what you will, but I've found little satisfaction in riding in a large pack with dozens or hundreds of riders that may or may not be riding responsibly.

I also find little satisfaction in riding my Triumph or Goldwing with 99% harley riders in gay-pirate attire.
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'Round these parts, you travel to 5 or 6 different locations and they stamp a piece of paper you carry with you with the location's name. Then you go back to the organizers location and draw your cards. This makes the riders more inclined to return to the original locations instead of dropping out if they get a crap hand out on the road. You know...2 spades, 5 diamonds, 10 of clubs, 6 of hearts ......oh crap, no way could I win....unless of course they have a prize for worst hand. I've actually won that one once..:D

However, our POS state of Illinois liquor commission has so deigned that poker runs are illegal as that constitutes gambling.

Have fun and take your time. It's for a great cause. Be careful out there.

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It was a big turn out for a short notice,but when its for a good cause they will come.

Chris will be along with the numbers they raised,I had to leave early for a funeral.

But I got to meet my first forum member, & that was just great.

Chris seems to be a real nice guy,the pleasure was mine Chris.

Good meeting & riding with you.
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