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Poorboy is a good modification if that is what you want/need. The key issue with stators failing IMHO is that of poor connectors over time. Dirt and crud are not the friend of the charging system. A good cleaning and if needed replacing of the wiring connectors will go a long way to maintaining and ensuring there are no charging system issues. Changing to a series RR is a good investment. The newer shunt regulators that have upgraded internal components such as Mosfets is another good consideration.

Series RRs that can be used are:

1. SH847
2. SH775 - (web site for info: DRZ400 SH775 Regulator Rectifier Upgrade )
3. Carmo Electronics CARR5925-SERIE R/R. It is half the price of an SH847. Here's the link: ... ts_id=2949
4. Compu-fire 55120 series RR

Most series RRs may require a different location because of the size. I corresponded with a fellow who installed an SH847 on his '85 GW Limited Edition - I sold it to him. He installed it on the backside of the right saddlebag, worked well:

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Tire

Some have commented on the look of the external alt mod. Installed an external alternator on my '85 Limited Edition some 5-6 years ago. Works well and is tucked in behind the lower left fairing cover. Looks good and if you would be hard pressed to know it is there. I was installing additional driving lights in this picture, but it shows a clean install:
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Automotive design

Tis picture is of a GL1000 that did the iron butt cross USA in 2017 I think, nice custom, clean install:
Automotive fuel system Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Wheel Tire Sky Fuel tank Cloud

I have changed the mounting system a bit over the years, wanted a better lower bracket. Used 1" angle for the brackets, modified to suit. Initial schematic for the parts:
Rectangle Slope Parallel Font Diagram

Here's a picture of the brackets with the lower being different. The new lower bracket uses the initial lower bracket 1" angle:
White Font Rectangle Automotive exterior Tints and shades

The crank pulley is from an early model Prelude power steering pump. Went to the local fastener shop for the longer bolt. Used 3 - 1/8" thick washers and 2 - small bearings I found at Princess Auto (Canada's HF equivalent):
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim
Grey Font Jewellery Auto part Circle

Used files and hacksaw to make and fit. Used a local welding shop as well, don't have a welder.
I have not regretted doing this project.

Just a few thoughts. Good luck. Cheers
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That's fairly thick and you will probably have to move the bottom of the rad out more than an inch. An 1800 rad fan is more slim and works fine, that is what I use.
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