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Cosmetically the poor boy route is terrible. There is no way yo make it look good in my opinion. When the stator went in my 1100 I replaced it with an after market high output stator from Ricky Stator on eBay. I know pulling the motor is a big job, alternatively they say you can do it by pulling the swing arm. I pulled the motor.

If you do replace the stator all you can get these days is aftermarket. Most if not all of which are higher output than the OEM. Therefore you will need to replace the voltage regulator with aftermarket as well. I learned this the hard way. Went through three OEM regulators before figuring out that they were just not up to the task of regulating the higher output stator.

Long issues, I could run all the lights, stereo, accessories I wanted without a problem. I was worried about there being issues so I installed an ammeter between the main fuse and starter relay, as well a voltmeter between ignition switch and fuse box. This was so if an issue were to arise I would see it right away and maybe not get stranded somewhere.

Ammeter (measures amp draw) needs to be connected in series on the hot side of the battery. Voltmeter must be on a switched circuit (turned off with the key) otherwise it will drain the battery.

I recommend installing these two gauges regardless of which repair you choose.
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