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Poor boy vs stator

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I've got an 84 1200 interstate with 97000miles and a dead stator leg. I'm trying to decide the best option to repair/upgrade the charging system. I have read many post here and on other forums but they all seem several years old. I have a few questions and any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Is there anyone here that has a poor boy conversion if so how do you like it for the long term?
2. Is there a source for the crank pulley? Does anyone make a kit if not I am confident I can fabricate the brackets and spacers needed for mounting and do the install.
3. Are the stator repair parts found on the internet any better than the original?
4. To anyone that has replaced the stator have you had any problems in the long term?
I have to do one or the other and just hate the idea of putting a ticking time bomb back in that can go off at any time and leave me stranded. Thanks for the help, recommendations, opinions etc in advance.
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Ok the pulley I ordered won't work the groove is not wide enough. Does anyone know if a 1/2 inch bore will work the bolt is 12 mm which is like 0.473 inch.
Get a narrower belt & a matching pulley for the alternator.
Get a narrower belt & a matching pulley for the alternator.
That was my first thought but the pulley is so narrow that I would have to use a belt that is only 1/4 inch and I don't feel that is big enough to trust it
Someone with a lathe could widen it enough for a 10mm belt pretty quick if there is enough thickness at the edges.
The way it is made there is not enough material to widen it
You could sleeve the bore to 12mm.
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