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Just a thought for the guys who get lousy gas mileage.

Are you using regular or premium grade gasoline?

Regular gas in a Wingwill deliver better fuel economy and can also help the engine run cooler.

I know a lot of guys think they are doing their bikes a service by using premium, but, you really aren't. Only use premium if you hear preignition or pingingfrom the engine and even then find out what the problem is that is causing the preignition. Usually it's simply carbon build up which creates hot spots and displaces fuel and air to raise compression ratio.

The difference is minimal, but, performancemay be enhanced with regular gas and regular gas is cheaper.

To make a long story short, the Wing was designed for regular gas which burns fast and has a short burn time which means that all the fuel will be burnt in one cycle. Premium gas burns slower and burns longer which means that a lot of heat energy is lost and is wasted out the exhaust valve due to the characteristics of premium gas.

If you have modified your Wing with high compression pistons use premium, but, if you have a stock wing, use regular gasoline to help it run like it was designed to.

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