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The newer shunt regulators use internal MOSFET components (no such animal as a MOSFET RR - shunt or series). These shunt RRs are generally a 5 wire unit, 3 stator wires and a positive and negative connection - no sense wire. The sensing is through the positive wire. These units are generally larger as well. The series RRs are larger again and do require a new spot to be installed in. Same wiring - 3 stator, and a negative and positive connection.

Most connect the stator wires with the positive/negative directly to the battery. Need to cap or remove the existing RR connector(s) making sure there are no live wires that can go to ground.

Think a key issue is the cleanliness of all connectors. Crud/dirt build up is not your friend.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts