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08:45 as I to write this...

As all are aware, I am trying to make up a special birthday gift for Mardonna.
that requires that I have a beautiful color photo on glossy paper.

Bought a brand new, Epson ET-2550 ink jet yesterday.

Tried twice to get it to initialize, waiting the specified amount of time for each step.

Result? Nothing............

okay, 3rd try... pull the plug, go thru the steps, it says to wait 20 minutes.
I decided to hell with it, I'm going to go read a book.... wait that out for 90 minutes, and can't stand it anymore.

Look at the printer again. Still displaying the same exact message "read the instructions"....

1. Press Okay for 3 seconds ( oh, this time I hear a click )
2. Press the Exclamation ! key to start the Initializing process.

wow!!! this time it finally starts making noises..... that has now been going on for 15 minutes.... sigh.............

Every printer I have owned, none of them have ever worked properly during the Setup Phase....

What in the hell is wrong with the manufacturers?

1st printer was an HP, POS and aggravating to get it to work... it finally did, took me 3 days to stumble onto the proper process, or it just decided to give in and go to work??

2nd printer, was a Brother, that one too, did not setup correctly... many restarts, before it finally decides it wants to work properly.

now this Epson, which is dutifully making grinding noises...

Actually though, I used to have a commercial Lexmark that had a double paper bin, it would take a full ream of paper in each bin.
Had a special slot for envelopes, etc....
It was a Laser printer, super fast, never failed to work the first time out of the box......
the only reason I did not bring it to Oklahoma from Arizona was:
1: it was humongous and the wife threw a fit......
2: the replacement printer cartridges were now costing over $150 a pop.

each cartridge contained a brand new laser printing machine, plus the new ink... one hell of a great printer, just not for the home card table size office.

09:20 the Epson did a new sound, then it displayed "Select Mode"

Okay, go thru the settings menu, tried to figure out where the "print button" is.....

wow! the copy looks better than the original... hooboy, now we are working....

09:20 and it is done.

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Did you get the BFH and put it next to the printer?
They do sometimes take the hint.
The only problems I've had with printers is the plastic gears they use inside. The manufacturers says it is to quiet the operation. We both know it is planned obsolescence as they wear out faster than metal gears. Then you have to buy a new printer because it costs more to replace the plastic gears than it costs to buy a new printer.
Anyway, glad you have it most of the way to operational.

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10:30 AM


it is all done now, WiFi is working, and wonder of wonders, Epson has an Email service they offer up for free.

so, I registered the printer there, and by golly, it works, 1st crack out of the box.

I was shocked!

Now I have the old Samsung 8125W WiFi black only laser printer sitting to my right hand, and the new Epson color ink jet sitting over on a special table we have for the daughter's printers....

all of us can now use them via WiFi, any of them.


to quote someone, "It is nice with a plan comes together"....

now, mr UPS Brown, if you would hurry up and bring me my Swivel Hitch Adapter, I would be very happy today with a lot of projects done and behind me.

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Pen and Paper would be a hell of a lot faster....


I printed that photo out 4 times on 4x5 paper before I figured out how to get it positioned right.

Tried to print it from Paint.exe but no control over the format, even though I told it landscape. scrap that.

so, back to my old standby, Microsoft Word....

Set the margins, how I want it to look, and done....

then some scissor work to get rid of the ugly white margins around the image...

now, I hand it over to Jimmy and he does his magic applying it to the wooden heart...

I sign the appropriate cooing words, and I hope she is happy, because I will be 1500 miles away on her birthday....

and, he who listens, heard the words "you damn well better have me a nice birthday gift if you aren't here on my birthday".... :|


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Glad you got it working. The picture looks great.

I hate WiFi printers, I set them up, they work. The next time, no such luck. It's easier for me to take my laptop to the printer and USB it when I need to print something.
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