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pros & cons of crampbusters

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a few weeks ago I did a foolish thing that ended up with me severing the nerve and both tendons on my right index finger. My wife told me not to buy that new pocket knife:rollingeyes:! The surgeon has fixed it but my hand needs to stay in a brace for 6 weeks with therapy after that. I know my grip strength will be weak for a while and Ive been looking at crampbusters to help out with that. These are the things that clamp on to the throttle to rest your hand on so you dont have to grip it as much. at first this looked like the perfect solution but after reading some comments I'm not sure. It seems some people feel that they get in the way and could cause an accident by inadvertent acceleration. anybody have them and what are your thoughts on them? By the way I'll probably get the kuryakn iso grips with the throttle boss.
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I've used them on past bikes and they do a decent job of what they are designed to do. I'm guessing the divice would be very helpful in your case.
No product is perfect but how they would actually cause an accident by unintentional acceleration (?) I don't know. For some riders the only way to avoid those kinds of accidents would be to keep the bike in the garage and throw away the ingnition key because the Crampbuster would be the least of their problems.
I have one on the wee, and like it. I am used to rotating it around for use, and then spinning it out of reach in town. On the hiway you can rest your hand flat palmed for a bit.

At only a few bucks, its a cheap experiment that was a positive for me.
Happy with mine. I have one on all 4 bikes as well as throttle locks on a couple of 'em too!
I have used one for about 10 years on my last three bikes and like it a lot. The problem people run into is that they move it up too much on the highway. When you are off throttle, it would be mid point where your hand would rest on the bar at say a stop light. A friend had one that was not used to it and just grabbed the throttle at a stop. He gave it too much gas when taking off. He dumped the bike. Just get used to it being there and twist your wrist up a little at slow speeds or at a stop and you will be fine. Or like one of the other posters said, just spin it out of the way in town and you will be fine. It just takes a little use to get used to.
Just getting used to it was the the trick. I have mine mounted as low as I can get it. I also ride alot of highway (@ better than the limit) so at idle mine sits a bit high. A little getting used to but worth it. I would miss it alot.
I have them on 3-different bikes, and think they're great.

Can't imagine how they could be the source of an accident, as they're mindless to use.

I mounted mine using rubber cement and some tiny screws, to prevent losing whatever position I originally install them to (which BTW is roughly horizontal, when throttle is closed).
Agree with the others, got em on a couple bikes here too.

Hope you heal well and fast!
Don't forget though, you need grip to use the front brake also.
The cramp busters are a little more in the way than the Kury throttle boss but I wouldn't be without 1 or the other.
Throttle Rockers from JC Whitney (one for left and right grip) a great $15 purchase.

Attach with velcro so they're easily adjustable or removable.
I have gone thru the therapy having almost cutting off my right index finger. Do the therapy religiously and it will function better than the hand without the therapy. You will be amazed at how much your motion you loose from having your hand emobilized for six weeks! Your grip will be nonexistant in the fingers that are emobilized. Hopefully, all your fingers will not have to be taped together.
thanks for all the replys. the throttle boss is bolted on so it cant be moved out of the way easy but it does look smaller than everything else out there. Im looking at these because I need new grips anyway and I like the looks of the kuryakyns (cant have to much chrome). 1 more week and the therapist says I can start letting my fingers out of the brace to do some movement
I have the cramp buster on my gold wing, I have problems in the palm of both my hands so I have one on the clutch side also, I really like it on both handle bars I can keep my left hand straight. The only problems I have encountered is going slow and hit a bump it will allow your palm or thumb to get into the cramp buster and accelerate when you are not prepared for it. I bought the type that doesn't have velcro and really like it so I can twist it backwards and set it until it is comfortable for me. Solaro
I have used the Crampbuster CB1 on my 1500 for the last seven years. Big relief for slight pain in wrist. Not sure I understand why anyone would have trouble with these, even with a longer one like the CB1. I use it in town or anywhere else and I don't ever have to twist it out of the way. Maybe the problems being reported have something to do with hand size. The grips on the 1500 are way wider than my hands, so I have plenty of room to avoid the Crampbuster if I need to. When I have gloves on and doing parking manoeuvers I am a bit more aware that the Crampbuster is there but it's still not really in the way.
I've had Crampbusters on several bikes. I prefer the narrow one and then cut it down to about an inch long, the long tongue is too easy to catch on things. A short tongue works just fine. As UbarW mentioned you can easily spin then out of the way when in town, I do that on my Silverwing scooter but didn't need to on my 1500 or 1800. I have the wider version Crampbuster on the scooter but don't like it as much as the narrow one. The throttle boss on a set Kuryaykn ISO grips are the best but Crampbuster is a big help at times.
The thicker grip diameter of the ISO grips sure make them easier on the hand, they have enough texture coupled with the larger diameter means you don't need to grip them nearly as snugly as the OEM diameter grips.
I never needed it until I tried one, then I couldn't do without it, but after recently changing out my throttle cables I find that I don't use it at all, I think there's a lesson there!

I personally do not agree with UbarW that they are easy to move out of the way in traffic, it's a PITA, doing that continually will tear up foam grips and they don't need to be as wide as they are either, the wear marks on mine only show a 1/2" contact on the right side and it's the left side that gets in the way in traffic.
Happy with mine too
They really don't work as well on foam grips they do on Kuyakyn and OEM grips. I believe Dick was referring to the OEM type grips when says they come off and on easily. I do much the same with mine, they will slip easily in an upward direction so when I don't want to use it I can quickly rotate it so it points more or less downward which keeps it out of the way. I can easily rotate it up a bit when I get on the slab and back around the other way to get it into position for slower roads. As I mentioned I actually find the narrow version they well handier especially when I cut off about half the tongue. That leaves enough for comfortable operation and little chance to snag on a glove.
ok just ordered the kuryakyn grips and throttle boss. I've read the instructions and the say to take a KNIFE :eek: and cut off the old grips! playing with knifes is what got me into this mess tn the first place. just got my stitches from surgery out yesterday but still not allowed to move hand and it is still in a brace. just wondering how hard will it be to change out the grips one handed. I should add after 4 weeks of only having one hand I've gotten pretty good at doing anything I need to.
I use the universal throttle boss on my wing. Most of the time I use the cruise control and even though the universal TB is narrow, it does the trick for me.
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