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not a "born again", was raised Methodist after the Baptist folks tried to tell my dad he can't smoke.... he don't take to folks telling him what he can or can't do.... told that preacher right there in church what a hippocrit he was, as he was playing poker in the halls at night.. :ROFL:

last time we ever blackened that door step....
and last time dad ever went to a church....
mom took us kids to the Methodist church, and after I left home at 19, just never kept up the habit.... always figured my church was with me anytime I wanted to talk to the man upstairs.

couple years ago, my daughter asked me to join the Christmas Choir, orchestrated by a lady who had not business being a choir director..... never let us "warm up", just start right off trying to sing the high notes.... and with me being one of two bass singers, and having Tinnitus bad, I only lasted one season.... just too hard for me after not singing anything for 50 years.

oh well, that is the long story of why I don't recognize the instrumentals at Chick-fila lay ( sp)
like their food though.
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