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purchasing a 1993 goldwing interstate

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I am going to look at a 1993 Goldwing Interstate tomorrow, it has 35.000 miles and appears to be in good condition from the pictures. Is there anything i really to look at,that might be a problem with these bikes?

Thank you
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They say, pictures or it didn't happen!
I'm glad you made it home safely. A long day indeed!
Congratulations on the purchase.
I had one and liked it,Mine had a C/B Radio and Intercom so they do have the Intercom.just don't have reverse or cruse. It was a great bike for me and if the price is right thats low miles for a goldwing GL1500.Look the tires over,take it for a test ride.shift though the gears.
The interstates didn't come with a radio or CB. They were installed by the dealer or the owner as accessories.
Some had an aftermarket radio(Kenwood) put in the left pockets.
Some got the shelter mounted radio by Panasonic with display on the radio face. This had the intercom integrated.
Gave it a bath today

simple green works great.


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wow looks good.just about every used bike will need tires ,battery,and fork seals. so no big deal.
She looks really good. A little soap and water does wonders. How does it run?
Nice bike. If you don`t know how old cam belts are I would change those along with brake, and clutch fluid. New antifreeze.

Yes great looking. How much did you put out for it?
Nice bike, from the pic looks better than the 97 I purchased....good luck
The new battery is charging, if it ever stops raining around here I will let you how it runs.
Very pretty!
It should easily have another 250k miles left in it if it's well maintained.
Enjoy :)
welcome to the forum. I bought a 91 interstate with about the same miles 2 years ago. mine came with the kenwood stereo and aftermarket CB/intercome that did not work. after 6 months and a lot of help from this site everything works fine. as far as reverse goes since Ive never had a bike with it I dont miss it but I am careful where I park. sounds like you got a great bike, happy riding and dont be afraid to ask questions here. there is a lot of experience waiting to help.
Thanks all, instead of highway boards do they make pegs for the same. My legs are so long i would rather rest them on/over a peg so i can straighten them out.
Do you know what brand hiway board that is? You might be able to buy some pegs that will attach to your existing mount. Check with Cyclemax. They might have something that will work for you.
Search mic-o pegs. They're Great!
I finally figured out the battery charger was not charging so I put a new battery charger on it and finally took it out for a ride yesterday and the bike runs perfect.
thats if you just get some warm days.
As much as i love the bike, I do not fit on it right. Way to tall for a goldwing, If i had the money i would update the seat,bars,foot pegs.

This bike is for sale, going to buy a Yamaha Roadliner S,
"I have done so much with so little,I can do anything !!"

We had a sign in the shop that read "we have done so much with so little for so long that we are now totally qualified to do anything with nothing"

Wasn't far from the truth, either.

Yes, how about some pictures.
A couple of picts on page 3
Nice. To tall for a Goldwing 1500? First time I've ever heard that.
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