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An old indasher I had laying around, tied it into the speakers and put a new cheapo antenna on the trunk, put the cd in the l/bag. Wow it work 10 times better than the old Aspen system. I am now sure that the old system is to complex, to heavy and not very good.. No I will not sent it out to be fixed, It is not worth the money,
I found a new JVC unit that plays CD/dvd and has a GPS too all in one din..
I am going to change some things on the old Aspen...

Just found this one:

  • Primary Function: Vehicle multimedia player and Bluetooth system with4.3 inch display+ Navigation system
  • Discs/Formats Played:
    -Discs: DVD, CD, VCD
    -File types: MP4, AVI, DIVX, XVID, VOB, MPG, MPEG, MP3, AAC, JPEG
  • Operation: Touch screen or remote control
  • Display Information
    -Screen:4.3 Inch TFT LCD
    -Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    -Resolution: 480x234 RGB
    -Angle: 0 to 90 (motorized sliding display panel)
    -Brightness: 300 cd/m2
    -Video Systems: PAL, NTSC, AUTO
  • Bluetooth Functions
    -Pair with phone - then use touchscreen interface
    -Dial, Receive, Disconnect calls
    -Volume Control
    -Touchscreen keypad
  • Audio Information
    -Max Audio Output: 50W x 4
    -Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): >85dB
    -User adjustable EQ, Bass, Treble, Fade and Balance
  • AM/FM Tuner
    -AM Frequency Range: 522~1620KHz (worldwide)
    -FM Tuning Range: 87.0~108.0MHz (worldwide)
  • TV Tuner Information
    -TV Type: Analog
    -Tuner Frequency Bands: VHF-L, VHF-H, UHF
    -Color Systems: PAL M, PAL N, SECAM DK, NTSC, PAL I, PAL DK, PAL BG
  • Front Panel Controls
    -Power ON/OFF
    -Mode select
    -Volume dial
    -Radio band select
    -Disk eject
    -Built-in MIC
    -Answer calls/AV settings
    -IR port
    -USB port
    -Faceplate detach
    -Display angle adjust
  • Media Inputs
    -USB drive slot
    -SD/MMC card slot
    -DVD/CD disc slot
  • Cables/Wires
    -Radio Antenna IN port
    -TV Antenna IN port
    -RCA Audio OUT x2 (front L and R)
    -RCA Audio OUT x2 (rear L and R)
    -AUX Audio IN (R/L)
    -Video OUT
    -Rearview Camera IN (AV Video IN)
    -AUX video IN
  • Certifications: CE, FCC
  • Dimensions: 181mm x 165mm x 50mm (L x D x H); depth = 211mm including front panel
  • System Main Menu (color icons) Language: English
  • DVD Menu Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish
  • GPS Information:
    - GUI Interface: YES - 3D type
    - Touchscreen Interface: YES
    - Operating Environment: CE 5.0
    - Menu Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian, Netherlands, Traditional Chinese (Actual voice and display language depends on GPS software package)
Product Notes
  • Touchscreen Control
  • Bluetooth Enabled (including A2DP)
  • Fully Motorized Screen
  • Adjustable Screen Angle
  • Remote Control
  • GPS is available with this unit
Package Contents
  • 4.3"inches TFT-LCD Car Stereo AV System with Bluetooth Touch screen+Navigation system
  • Detachable Faceplate
  • Remote control
  • User manual - English
  • ISO wire harness
  • Mounting hardware
  • Touch pen
  • GPS Antenna
  • 2GB SD Card with Evaluation Software
  • Dish washer
  • Kitchen Sink

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nailgun wrote:
Can a GL1200 pull a Dish washer and a sink?
Only if you have a good chain....:tongue:

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I AM afraid to say that that unit its too big to fit into the 1200s dash, you may want to keep it water/proof somehow, for the gps function it needs to be right in front of you.

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William that unit is 6.5" deep, my stock system is 51/2" so I need 1" to make it .
I checked an 1" further out won't be a problem.
My goal is a complete re-do of the dash. Mine is cracked and ugly . I am going to look into moving the speedo and tach up and back about 1".
If it works out most all one din type audio systems should fit no problem.

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Click on the link.. doesn't have a CB, tho . . . hee hee

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The radio went out on my 85 Aspy when I had it and put a Jensen in dash unit out of my old truck. With a bit of finnesse and a bit of cursing I got it to fit and it worked like a champ. It did'nt have the functions like the handlebar control and so forth but for the money it was waoth it.It was in it when I sold it and I imagine its STILL in there.


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I see it in that photo, looks very good and a clean setup.
good job vtxcandyred.
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