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I would buy one of each, test them, keep the one I liked best, then sell the extra one to me for the $80 LOL

Really I don't know which tire would be best. The one we run now is a great tire!
We run them fairly solid with air pressure so tires are fairly stiff in use already. With some of the other type tires that are softer some people complain about the flexing or mushyness at times.
Then again How stiff is a run flat that so many people like?

What I wonder is what makes the other tire rated for so much more load? Would that help avoid damage from a road hazard, would it be able to get you off the road like a run flat, etc..
Any real advantage to a heavier tire?

While your getting your tire over there can you see if they come in other sizes also?
I'd actually be interested in running Austones on the wife's car if they had the correct size and I could get them. Heck around $600 I think for the 4 GoodYears we bought about year ago
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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