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Raccoon goes gangster on Taser-wielding cops12:08 PM Thu, Oct 23, 2008 | Permalink

Forget about cat burglars - the newest threat to your home looks more like the Hamburglar ... with a tail.

Bill Hyde and his wife learned this firsthand while watching a movie in their Dallas home.

They were just sitting there, busting a chill, when something started rattling and shaking in the living room near the front door, The Dallas Morning News reports.

(Dun dun DUUUUUUN!)

One. Bad. Dude.

Hyde grabbed his gun and called the cops.

Within minutes, officers swooped in, Miami Vice-style, with their guns drawn. They fanned out around the house and told Hyde to drop his weapon and come out of the home to safety.

On his way out, he noticed something furry whisk by him.

That's when the officers discovered (and this is a direct quote from the police report) that "the suspect was a raccoon."

But he wasn't just any raccoon. He was a hardened hairy hooligan hell-bent on destruction.

According to the police report, officers tried to "cordon off the suspect in the back bedroom."

But the malevolent woodland creature went all gangsta on them.

He tore through the house, ripped up the Venetian blinds, pulled the drapes down, knocked over a lamp and toppled a flower pot.

(Take THAT, Johnny Law!)

When one of the cops tried to shoo him out the back door, the crazed critter charged him.

The officer discharged his Taser, to no avail.

The raccoon kept running, Taser prongs in his back, up into the chimney ... never to be seen again.

Animal Kingdom, 1; Dallas Police Department, 0.
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