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Yes above is all correct, you will think the fans don't (or are not supposed to) come out but keep at it and they will, its a twist and pull motion. Lots of fun trying to put them back in too. Be VERY careful with the radiators as they puncture easily and watch the space between the radiator and fans when reassembling, should be no more than 1/8" .

You can use a mixture of dish soap and water (about 50-50) as lube to get the hoses back on, makes it easier and (I would) replace the fan motor thermostat while its out. I like to clean and use the electric grease on any electrical connections I take apart and reassemble too.

I tuned up my cooling system last year because bike was running hot, found a leak by the thermostat neck:
- New Thermostat
- New Fan Thermostat
- New bolts (old ones were corroded)
- New clamps (hoses were in good shape)
- Flushed and pressure washed the radiators back to front
(knocks the dead bugs out)
- New foam gaskets around the fan vent openings
Went on a 5800 mile trip and the temp gauge never moved past the middle even in the Nevada desert in August (Route 50 Americas Loneliest Road).
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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