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Ray and Tracy's Big Adventure

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Well We are back and trying to get back to normal (whatever that is:D)

Here's the jist of our trip:

We departed our house, right on time(3 hours late:shock:) on the second of July.

Took the interstate to North Caroline to get there before daylight. Tom-Tom got us all the way there with no problems right until we where a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Campground. Tom-Tom told us to go left and like an idiot I did:shock:

We ended up on this road up a hill with no way out and the incline was goat worthy at the least. I ended up putting the wing on its side to avoid sliding backwards and hurting my baby Tracy:shock:I slipped the clutch and it with the huge trailer started to slide backwards and jackknife. It was all within seconds and seemed like hours, the trailer wanted to go over the ridge's edge and that is why I put her on her side. Tracy just rolled off correctly and got out of the way :D. We stood there looking at the bike and each other with me nervous checking Tracy several times to make sure she was alright, after numerous times of telling me she was in one piece and all was well we looked at our situation with this bike and trailer sitting a mile and a half up a hill where the road just ended, it was paved by the way and I knew within 300-400 yards that it was not looking good. I got the bike righted and Tracy stayed out of the way while I got the bike farther up the hill. We found a spot to get the bike turned around and then had to push the trailer to the bike:shock:about 300 yards. I got to tell you right now that Tracy is a trooper she kept me calm and reassured that all was going well and that I could get us out of this situation (God I love her).

Once we got the bike and Trailer turned to the right direction, I rode it down to the bottom and Tracy followed walking. We learned allot in that hour about ourselves and working together to solve problems.

Well we made it to the Camp and Phil after hearing of our ordeal told us we where not the first to have our GPS send us up that monster of a hill. He assured us he would warn others on his website of this road and possible problem with GPs's sending folks on it,.

We made camp and we have to say everyone that told us how good the BRP MC camp was, was dead on, you couldn't have asked for better folks and great conditions. Coffee in the morning with breakfast on the weekends at a good price.

We tented towards the back near the creek. We stayed there until Monday morning just bumming around the Parkway and local roads. If you take the parkway south from 276 to 215 it is a nice road, 215 was a nice twisty that ran down from the parkway then along the forestry along lake Logan and then ended back up on 276 again at a nice little gas station slash store.

We had a nice visit from Bagmaster and his lovely wife Linda, they stayed over night and camped with us. They also took us on some great rides around their area and we even got to get some ice cream:cool:Tracy and I can't thank both Linda and Michael enough for showing us around:clapper:Almost forgot we also met Bernie and his lovely wife at MT Pisgah, tried to get the keys to his vette to try out on the twisties but somehow I ended up not:cheeky1:

We left the BRP MC Camp Monday and headed up the BRP what a wonderful ride it was, we went so slow that we where literally pulling over so folks could pass by us:DWe ended up going about 100 miles or so that day and ended up staying at Julian Price Lake camp ground, beautiful place with plenty of space. No showers or hot water but they did have restrooms and allot of wildlife. 16.00 to tent camp.

From there we headed on up north on the BRP we took a little detour at little Switzerland and did the rattlesnake man that road is simply awesome:action:more curves and switchbacks than I can ever remember:action::action:

We ended up at the Willville motorcycle campground that afternoon and it was a very nice place also. There was plenty of open spots and Will was very helpful and friendly.

The price a 22 a nite for couple slightly higher than BRP MC Camp but still a very nice place. There we met up with some very nice wingers only total of 4 camp sites setup there counting ours the day we spent there. We met Dave from Michigan known as Dwing on the GWRRA , he had a very nice 1500 cherry red:action:, also had one of those pop-up tent/trailers not the bunkhouse but like it. Was something to see.

We also met Jack and Sue from N.C., they had a beautiful 1800 pulling a new bunkhouse trailer. They had it all:cheeky1:like taking the house with you:cool:We all decided to get something to eat, Dave, Jack and Sue and Tracy and I, we tried a little restaurant called Mountain View right in Meadows of Dan, wow what a great spot to eat, they had a buffet for 5.50 and it was great, The owner was a nice lady who made sure your meal was good and that your cup never went empty. From there everyone parted ways and went riding or back to camp.

Tracy and I went riding and ended up down at a town, don't recall name but it was a ride Tracy will never forget:DAs we where returning from town up the main road/hill we had a truck stop dead in front of us, Tracy looked up and less than 10 feet from her on a cliff was a mama black bear hanging over the cliff eating something ( I missed due to paying attention to round and surrounding traffic conditions:(all I heard over the intercom was something inaudible :Dafter we took off again she was able to tell me what she saw:cool:We ended the day with a moonlight ride and some story telling at the camp:cooldevil:

Everyone packed up and parted ways the next morning, Dave going south and Jack and Sue and us going north. I have to tell you that Jack and Sue ended up meeting us along the parkway and skyline drive numerous times we even shared a roadside snack of cheese and crackers and sliced tomatoes with them:clapper:They were a very nice couple and we will be in contact with to hopefully ride with again, if not it was a meeting we will not forget all to soon.

Tracy and I ended up camping at Loft mountain camp ground 15.00 and very beautiful area of the skyline drive. I have to say right now that we are so glad we did the skyline drive as it was such a beautiful ending to our trip. Back to loft mtn camp, when we arrived at the camp entrance we where greated by a huge and I mean
HUGE black bear, of coarse we didn't have a camera out and we were not stopping to get it out :blowingup::shock::cheeky1:we found Loft Mtn to be very nice and the restrooms had hot water and no showers. From the broke camp and finished our ride on the Skyline Drive. We stopped in Front Royal or Royal Front:baffled:and got a new headlight bulb my low beam had gone out night before and found a local to see where a great spot was to eat. He pointed us to a little dive down the road to which you wouldn't even notice going down the road unless you where looking for it:cool:ended up being a great place to eat and the waitress even made me a fresh pot of coffee:coollep:

We looked at the GPS (no we didn't throw it away:dude:) and decided we would head home. We ended up making it as far as Morehead Ky about 150 miles from home before we had to stop due to Tracy falling asleep on the back and I was just plain tired, gotta make sure my baby stays safe always;)We stayed at our first and only hotel of the trip due to it being 1130 at night. We took showers and enjoyed the air conditioner and slept in until 930 and then we decided to get off the interstate and take the scenic way home after a good eat stop at Crackerbarrell:clapper:

The Truly only bad part of the trip was the ending:action:We saw at least 4 bear and too many deer to count, a bobcat:cool:, and all types of small creatures of the mountains:clapper:the views and the plant life were simply awesome! will we do it again? well YES! We are already talking about a spring or fall ride next year to the same area.

Tracy and I want to Thank everyone who offered us suggestions and tips on planning our trip and to those folks we couldn't fit in a meet up with, well we will be back for sure.

I have uploaded almost 400 pictures to photo-bucket and the link to the slide show is in my signature, I still have a few pictures to rotate and or delete so don't mind me I'll get it fixed:cooldevil:

Ride Safe Everyone, Ray and Tracy:action::waving::action:
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Your visit to our area was a pleasure for us. I'll plan out some more rides the next time you come this way and make sure ice cream is a part of each one!!:cheeky1::cheeky1::cheeky1::cheeky1:

I've already grabbed copies of the pics of all of us from your album. Sure wish you had got some pics of those bears!!:shock::shock::shock::shock:
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Im happy you and your misses had fun on your trip.
Sounds like there are still some nice people out there willing to help a brother winger.
God bless.
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Sounded like you have one heck of a time. As I've said before, I just have to get out there and take that ride.
Welcome home.
Now to go look at the pics.:cooler:
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That was a fantastic weekend ride you and Tracy enjoyed there Ray.

Glad it all worked out okay, even the wrong turn up the hill.
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:clapper::clapper:Sounds like you guys had a blast!!! Don't you just love a GPS that tries to have a sense of humor?:cool:

Can't wait 'till the wife and I can make a venture like that......:(
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MAN..... THAT SOUNDS LIKE A HOOT!! I GOTTA GET ME SOME OF THAT. Anytime you strike out on an adventure, and it goes as pleasant as that, you know it was a good time.
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Nice report Ray :cooler:Glad your episode on the hill was one you two were able to handle. Makes ya feel like you can tackle most anything now, eh.;)

I did the Sky Line earlyer this year and saw several deer and one medium size black bear. Never seem to get a chance to snap a pic of them.

No doubt you two had a great time.

(now I gotta check out the pics)
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Heya Tracy and Ray!

Glad you guys got to go on your trip to the BRP and Skyline! and made it home safe too.

I checked out your slide show and have to tell ya Tracy did a great job on those photos real Nice!

Ill be heading down to Red Hill N.C. on the 21st for my vacation (no gps) just a map :action:yall take it easy.
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My new friends Ray, Tracy, Mike and Linda! You made our evening on Mt. Pisgah a time to remember. I thought you were kidding about driving the vette Ray!:cheeky1:

We are glad to hear you guys had a great trip and made it home safe!

You don't how much I wanted to have my bike and ride with you!

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Nice trip and nice slide show, welcome home :action::action:
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Awesome Pictures thanks for sharing them !!!!
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Sounds like you all had a great time. I'm not too far from that area so if you do decide to visit again, let me know. Me an the missus may join you for a ride. Gotta get her back on the bike, she's scared of it.
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Thanks for sharing your trip Ray and Tracy, glad you had a nice trip and were able to meet up with other members. Glad we were all able to say welcome home also

Ride safe
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Looking forward to joining you next year.
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Thanks Everyone, we had a blast an can't waite to do another big trip again.

Work just seems to get in the way:DIt was a hard left turn yesterday evening going to work on the bike it just wanted to keep going:cheeky1:

Ride Safe, Ray and Tracy:action:
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I stand corrected on the rattlesnake it was the Diamondback route, I found the card in my trunk that Dubswing gave Tracy and I in the trunk. Still a great road to ride minus a large trailer:action:
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