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Rear Tire wear, GL1500

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So haven't been on for a while, just enjoying Rudy's bike, but I need some advice on my rear tire wear. I looked down at my tire this morning and saw this. It has about 7K miles on it and and as you can see is worn down to cord like material. Pretty much all the way around. I was wondering if this could be caused by the rubber dampers in the rear hub? Maybe bearings? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

So it is a Dunlop 404 manufactured 2611. OEM size says 160/80B 16 and this tire is 150/80B 16


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I guess my issue was you stated you, 'Ride until they are bald' which implies a habit or approval of the action.
It is against federal standards, it is a very bad idea. You are in this catagory as soon as the wear bars are even with the tread.
I understand your comment about the Creator. That said, you still lock your house and even with only 1 bullet in a cylinder that holds 500 rounds, you do not play 'Russian Roulette'. You could succeed by the odds 500 or more times. Nope- not going there.
I hear yah.

I heard the other day "your more likely to die in a wreak going to get a lottery ticket than you are to win the lottery."

I have never played myself.

There is on the other hand no way to avoid all risk in this life. Locks keep honest people honest and seatbelts and helmets save lives, sometimes. But, this is not my home and all I can do is live the best life I can and never stop :praying: and trusting in Him to guide me in all my choices. And when I make bad choices I trust He will save me but even if He does not I will still trust Him because my life is not my own.

Don't ride on bald tires it could kill you when that cage pulls out in front of you and your tire pops when you brake hard cause the rubber is gone and if you do live you'll get a ticket for riding on unsafe tires just don't do it.

On second thought take the bus it's safer.;) And don't forget your bullet proof vest, sunblock, gas mask ect....ect.....:ROFL:
Sauceman!!! Too many knarly burnouts!! Im running those cheap chinese tires I put on last fall. I dont think Ill do that again. I used to run Avons on my Valkyrie back in the day and will probably run those when these wear out. Which probably wont be too long...Hope your doing well. I never can tell if my PMs work or not. I keep sending but they never show in my sent folder...???? Anyhow. I hope the new bike is keeping ya on the HWYs nice and safe. Ive been riding my ST1100 alot lately and spending a lot of time on the ford trucks forum working on my highboy. Take care and well see ya out there sometime!!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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