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Rear wheel play, GL1100

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82 Aspy. I put on rear pads and noticed side to side play in the rear wheel. Seems quite a bit. Is this acceptable/ normal. If not, how can it be adjusted out?
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It's not normal Rex, there are no adjustments. If there is side to side movement of the wheel (lateral along the axle) then there is something worn badly or a spacer is missing. There are two spacers on the rear axle, one between the hub and the rear brake tower and a second between the tower and the shoulder of the axle.
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There should be no side to side play in the wheel. I would put the bike on the center stand and, wiggling the wheel, determine where the play is.
1) Does the outer rim move but not the hub?
2) The entire wheel, but not the final drive?
3) The wheel and final drive but not the swing arm?
4) The entire wheel/swing arm but not the frame?

"YES" to
1) = most likely bad wheel
2) = Axle loose or missing one or more spacers (was the wheel removed recently?), or mis-aligned wheel to final drive, loose pinch bolt on left side axle...
3) = Loose bolts on final drive to swing arm connection, loose or missing pinch bolt on axle, damaged swing arm...
4) = Loose swing arm to frame pivot bolt(s), worn swing arm bearings, damaged swing arm, rusted/damaged frame swing arm mount(s)...
There is a specific sequence to installing the rear wheel and final drive covered in the service manual. If the wheel has been removed and replaced recently, I'd start with that...
My 2 cents

I guess I'm a slow typist:);):)

good wrenchin,
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I had the rear wheel off last yearto replace tire and also replaced rear rotor. I do not remember the spacers, but then again I do not remember what I did yesterday.

I am guessin that is what happened with the spacers. I did not have any parts left over and I am pretty sure I would have put it back together the way it came apart.

I have probably put close to 3000 miles on it since then. No unusual noise or vibration.:?
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There should be absolutely no play, when the axle is reinstalled and the nut pulled up the spacers on the sides of the wheel and the one inside the wheel bear against each other taking up any slack. If the wheel has side play either a wheel bearing is failing, or the recess that holds the bearing has become wallowed out allowing the bearing to move in the wheel or a spacer has been left out. The clearance between the brake disk and the slot in the caliper bracket is pretty close, any play in the wheel side to side may cause the brake rotor to hit the bracket.
One other lesser possibility is a Comstar wheel that has loose rivets. If that were the case you'd feel some side play out by the tire and rim but wouldn't see any in the hub because the wheel itself would be flexing. Frankly I wouldn't ride a bike that had a problem like that until it's been repaired, a rear wheel failure at speed would be a very nasty thing.
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27 years old bearings? Not sure what would kill them first, high mileage or not riding for long time.
I need to check my rear wheel tomorrow.
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Is there any evidence of the tire rubbing anything? Are you sure the axle was torqued to spec?

Please don't ride that thing until you get the condition corrected. If it's wheel bearings they could sieze up and lock the wheel. That would surely take the edge off a good day.
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Axle nut is tight. I get a slight noise at low speed but not all the time. I am going to tear into it soon. Was going to ride from Toledo, OH to Columbus today but decided to take the 4 wheel Honda. I am going to get a new set of bearings and put them in and check out internals.

Thanks for all the input
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