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Recommendation for tire plugging kit?

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I'm looking to pick up a good quality tire repair kit for my 1100I. There are several out there that seem similar, but some that seem otherwise. So, here I am asking for recommendations for a kit to carry on the bike to plug a tire if I need to.
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I just carry a standard $10 kit from Wal-mart and it has served me very well on the car van truck tires and I see no reason it would not work as well on MC tires also.

My method of plugging a tire with the string plugs is simple.
If the hole is large enough I can force the plug into it I DO NOT use the reamer, this keeps the hole as tiny as possible for the tightest fit.
If the hole is so tight I cannot force in the plug, then I use the reamer as it has a small tip and can be forced into the hole, in once and out and can normally get the string plug in. If not then I do it a second time.

I have seen people take that reamer and run it in and out of the hole like they were trying to cut a piece of wood with a hand saw LOL
I feel that makes the hole TOO LARGE, the easier the plug goes in the easier it could also come back out. Perhaps that is why we occasionally hear someone say a plug failed, but I never had one fail and I have used MANY of them.

Screws and nails seem to grow around here like rocks, and rocks cut tires also.
A split type cut on a rock plugs do not do so well on sometimes but I have used them to get to a shop for an inside patch. Sometimes the tire is just shot from a rock cut and even an inside patch is no good, but the plugs get me off the road and home anyway.

Years ago I used to plug a tire when I'd get a nail or screw then go top tire shop and have the plug removed then patched inside. That was when it cost about $3-$5 but when they went up to near $10 I figured a 3/4 worn $50 tire was not worth $10 to patch inside and just ran it on the plugs. Since I never had a plug fail I never since have had the inside patches done even on the better newer tires. I've ran a nearly new $100 auto tire with a plug till it was bald and needed replaced.
Kinda makes you sick to pay over $400 for new tires then a week later find a flat with a roofing nail in it!
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I agree with Chromo in all respects with the exception of the reamer. I think it helps in most circumstances as it evens out the area and allows the plug better contact with all areas that need to be filled. As with all things, don't over do it.

I have seen this one demonstrated and carry one in my tool kit.
I like that one, especially since it has the CO2 cartridges to inflate the tire after the repair.
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