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Removing a rounded out hex bolt (on GL1800 footpegs)

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I have a bolt on the foot pegs of my '10 wing on the foot peg that rounded out while trying to remove it. The driver that I used is the one that is sized correctly for the fastener (at least the other 3) but this one rounded out. Haven't had much of a chance to work with the fastener as of yet. I have not tried to clear out the socket yet, just trying to get the task figured to death first and look at the alternatives.

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Allen head type or standard bolt head (also a hex since it has 6-sides).
If a standard type bolt try the stripped bolt remover from Sears/Craftsman. It is sharp and reverse threaded to bite in to the old head. If the allen/hex type I know that grinding a small slot in it might allow you to use a wide screwdriver or similar.
Hope it works out.
Could weld a bolt to the inside of the hex and then take it out with a regular wrench.
Go to your favorite tool place and buy a screw extractor kit usually under $10.
Just drill the head off the bolt , remove the foot peg , and turn the rest of the bolt out with a wise grip or similar .
Easy out kit a sears 10.99 on line.
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I've got to say that "Easy Out" is a cruel and unethical misnaming of a tool.
Just in case you wanted to know...

got out my set of easy-out screw extractors and got the only one that would fit the hex socket on the bolt, put the square drive of the extractor into a 10mm 12 point socket and put the whole shebang on a 3/8 drive ratchet. put a lot of pressure gradually on it and viola`, out she came pretty as you please. No damage to anything, except the old hex bolt.

Thanks to everyone for the tips and encouragement.

Another battle won!!

Thank you for the update!!!:bow:
I've got to say that "Easy Out" is a cruel and unethical misnaming of a tool.
When I become President, that name will be illegal and will no longer exist.

Don't hold your breath!
Just an FYI on screws in aluminum. Impact is the key, i.e. put the allen socket, screwdriver, torx bit or whatever in the screw head head and strike it sharply with a hammer a few times and they will normally screw out with no effort at all.
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