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Removing GL1500 U-joint

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So I am mid-teardown and decided to pull the rear/shaft and u-joint just because, well, I want to. It's never been done. Anyway, the u-joint almost fits out between the output shaft and swing arm. My swing arm bearings are fine so I do not want to pull it. Can I, using a 17mm hex, remove the right side swingarm bolt and pry gently on the swingarm to move it enough to get the u-joint out? I do not have the tool to remove the special locknutted side.
The u-joint feels fine from what I can tell, but with over 97k on the bike I thought it good to maybe drop it at a driveline shop for a disassemble and re-grease.
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With it in there I did not notice any play or noise. Maybe I will just leave it as is and not take it all the way out then. I show no symptomology of a problem.
OK. So maybe I will pull it all the way out and be sure of it. Can I remove just the one side of the swingarm and gently pry some room (probably that side of the swingarm up and/or backwards) to get it out or will I damage something? I would think 1/4 inch is what I need as it is hanging up on an ear of the yoke on the output shaft.
Actually I still have the bolt in the shock on the other side of the bike (habit when removing the wheel. Pull the shock bolt only far enough to get the brake bracket out). Me thinks I should pull it all the way out. Silly, silly me.

As I do not have a spare laying around, and do not want to pay for a new one, let alone wait to get it, I hope this one is fine.
Well, it aint coming out without doing something to the swingarm. Even with both shocks disconnected fully there is not enough clearance. So, as it was not a problem before I will assume (yup- I know what that means) it is still fine, grease the splines, and re-assemble. Getting the shaft back in the u-joint is going to be fun.
I already had the wheel off.
Tried putting it together today and the shaft would not engage the u-joint properly. Maybe tomorrow.
I am going to tackle this after I take the mutt for his walk. My thought is rt hand wedged in as under the u-joint as possible, lt on the rear. It is not high enough in the air (on the centerstand and about 1" of wood) to lay under it. I am sure it will go, but I think it's one of those things that takes 30 seconds for one guy and 20 minutes for another. I am hoping for about the 1-2 minute range.
Well, so far y'all must possess some secret ninja skill I do not have. I have spent an hour this morning trying to get that .... thing ... back together. I get the studs of the rear housing to just barely cross through the ears of the swingarm and BAM! Like hitting a brick wall. No further.
I have tried turing what small piece of the u-jont I can reach around the boot, I have inserted the flange in the rear so I can turn the shaft that way and wiggle. Nothing.
What in gehenna am I missing?
So after I posted that ^ I looked back through the tutorial. I used a screwdriver in the u-joint end, wiggled and pushed it together.
Slipped right in. Guess the extra 1/2" length was what I needed.
Now I am happy and get get this back togethe before my trip next week to Kanita.
I know mine would not fit without doing any removal of the swingarm. What you mentioned, removing the right swingarm pivot bolt, was what I wondered if I could do from the get go. Now I know.
I did not see any reason to replace it. I had no noise, no symtomology at all. I was just 3/4 the way there in the annual grease job and figured I would check it out.
Thanks though!
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