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Replace GL1100 fork with fork from newer bike?

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I'm starting to plan my effort to make a 1st rate touring bike that doesn't weigh 900 lbs. plus.

Plan is to take a GL1100, do suspension upgrades and aftermarket electronics and luggage.

1st step is suspension upgrade. Seems like the easiest option would (might) be to buy a complete front fork ass'y from a newer bike. More of these around than you might think due to racers and track day fanatics upgrading their suspensions.

could easily be cheaper than a simple upgrade of internals and I'd be able to upgrade the brakes at the same time.

So ... can anyone out there that knows a lot more than I do suggest how I might identify likely candidates for donor bikes? My fab skills are relatively modest so I'm not planning any frame cutting or welding.
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bump. I'm still hoping for some advice.
what year 1100 are you going to up date ?
You could maybe go from a 37mm (84-87) to a 41mm tube by swapping the tripple clamps from a GL1500 (88-91) ... (upper and lower bearings are the same; I'm not sure about the spacing though)

I seem to remember toying with putting the inverted forks from the '02 VTX1800C on an early 1500 at one point - stem bearings may be the same... but I can't speak to the spacing (length of the head tube)
I like your thinking . Sorry I dont have any info to offer .
thx for replies. I haven't bought the GL1100 yet as I think I have considerable research to do.

I'm assuming an 1100 due to alternator issues on the 1200's. should be an interesting project. I'm guessing I can come in somewhere near 200 lbs below a GL1500.
A few guys at NGW have out Gixxer front ends on using bearings from Allballs and a little grinding. One, at least, has used triple trees from a gl1200 and out a front end on from a CBR.
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