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Replacing headlamp bulb

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Greetings all!

Having purchased an upgraded H4 headlight for my 1100 Aspencade, I cant for the life of me remember how the heck I get into the headlamp to replace it!

Is there anyone out there in wingland whocan help me please?


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Key Kevver,

For an 1100 it is simple…

1) In back of your instrument cluster, on the fairing, there is your headlight adjustment knob. In that know there is a set screw. Remove that set screw.

2) Remove the retaining nut and washer off the shaft.

3) While pushing out on the shaft, make sure you’re holding on the headlamp.

4) The whole headlamp assembly with come out in your hand. Simply unplug the wire harness.

Reassembly is just the opposite.

To Aim your headlight…

Find a flat patch of ground with a white or light-colored wall at one end. I did mine a tire shop at night with the owner’s permission.

1)Place the bike 25 feet from the wall or garage door.

2)Measure from the center of the headlight to the ground with the bike level.

3)Now go over to the garage door and mark one line at the same height above ground, and another line two inches lower. Use a carpenter's level to draw this horizontal reference line. I used black electrical tape to “draw” the line.

Switch on the headlights and mount the motorcycle. Make sure you’re on the bike. Bikes seldom ride themselves and night and this will greatly impact your measurements. The low beam's upper edge should rest right on the lower line. You’re done!!

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I guess I take to long typing...


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