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Replacing the Main Fuse gl1000

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How do I replace the main fuse? I removed the component with the label 30 amp. Do I have to replace the whole unit or is there a way to separate the round cylinder thing that's on the bottom?
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usually, the main fuse is held in with a screw on each end. it's just a small strip of metal. it's located somewhere near the battery either by itself or inside a little trap door on the starter solenoid ( that little round thing you removed). it's usually marked 30 amp or main and inside a box shaped housing.
So those 2 bits of metal was the broken fuse i assume? They were loose and I didn't see where they came from?
main fuse should look something like this and is located near the battery, either in its own box or in a trap door on the solenoid.


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BUT!!! go buy a 30 amp blade fuse holder/fuse with eyelets on the wires just screw the eyelets where the dog bone was attached and you are good to go. Easier replacement easier fix .
30 amp blade fuse is sold at auto parts places?
Thanks for all the help!!
Oh on second thought I can go to radio shack for that I would think.
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