Not a Gold Wing, but a vintage Silver Wing!

I’m selling one of the two 1983 GL650Is I’m restoring. Going to keep one to ride.

This was the last year of production and the only year it was a 650. The 1981 and 1982 models were both 500s. V-twin, water-cooled, shaft drive bike, and convertible seating. Has the exact same fairing as the GL1100 Gold Wings. In my opinion, and the opinion of many, one of the best mid-sized touring bikes Honda ever built.

This one is Nimbus Gray and was a 1-owner bike when I bought it to restore just about a year ago. I have a copy of the original owner’s title and his original bill of sale from the dealer! I also have many of the original owner’s service records. Rare to find a 40-year-old 1-owner bike!

Current mileage: 31,029 miles. Bike rides and handles great. Engine and transmission function perfectly. Riding season is already here in the south! It’s ready to ride!

Left Side - 1-Up Seating Configuration:

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Right Side - 1-Up Seating Configuration:

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

Right Side - 2-Up Seating Configuration:

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Land vehicle Vehicle

New Dunlop D404 tires. New Yuasa AGM battery. New stock Honda handlebar grips. New Vista Cruise throttle lock. New air filter. Engine oil and filter changed. Gear oil changed. Lubricated rear drive gears with moly 60 paste. Lubricated pinion gear at zerk fitting with lithium grease. Coolant system flushed and refilled. Replacement Honda front disc brake calipers completely rebuilt with BrakeCrafters rebuild kits including new pistons. New EBC brake pads. New Galfer stainless steel brake lines installed. Front brake master cylinder rebuilt with BrakeCrafters rebuild kit and new fluid reservoir and cap. Rear drum brake removed, inspected, and cleaned. Brake pads measure 4mm. Right side front wheel bearing was clicking so I replaced both front wheel bearings. Installed new carb drain hoses and gas tank petcock drain hose. Installed new turn signal flasher relay. Replaced one bad side cover with a better one from eBay. About $700 worth of new parts and restoration supplies.

Carbs were rebuilt just before I got it. Gas tank had been previously repaired (properly welded) at bottom rear left edge. That small area is currently primed and will need the decal painted back on. (Shown in pictures.) Gas tank is sealed and has no leaks. Oil filter cover and clutch cover were badly pitted. Vapor honed both, then polished and resealed with clearcoat. Spent many hours at general clean up and detailing. Exhaust is near perfect except for one spot where some battery acid leaked onto the mufflers and discolored it a bit. (Shown in pictures.) About 90 hours of labor recorded in my daily restoration workbook.

Converts from a 2-seater to a 1-seater! Includes passenger seat, trunk relocation mounting rack, tool kit, and owner’s manual. All luggage and locks work.

I have a set of original Honda speakers that are not yet mounted, plus a set of original fairing panel meters for a Honda Type I stereo. (This is the type without an intercom.) These items go with the bike only IF you want them.

I also have a color matching 1983 Gold Wing trunk and mounting kit I made for it almost assembled. I will sell that separately IF you want it. (I paid $300 for the parts for that.) This allows you to lock up two helmets.

Selling for what I’ve got into it: $3,250.00. (Bike is located near Greenville, SC.)

40 more pictures available in my Google Photos album, here:

40 Hi-Res Pictures

Any questions, just drop me a PM.