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Rhinos Rhinos where are you ????

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Ray here from Independence Mo ,, and the wife and I are planning a ride to Fort Scott Ks next Sat 7-20-2013. We will be in Fort Scott at 11:00 am ,,, what I'm looking for here is some Rhinos to meet us there and eat lunch with us and then ( any Rhino ) lead us to a nice afternoon ride say 100 mile or so ,,,to which lead back to Fort Scott ks ,,I'll tell you those Rhinos really know those Kansas roads , this post here is to see if we can get enough interest to set this up ... so Rhinos please post here if you have interest in this ride. Come on out and lets Ride !!!!
Any questions for me ,, please feel free to just call me @ 816-291-2060
anytime !!!!
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I would love to be there, but seems I am representing the Rhinos at NASSIR6
Ride safe.
I'll see whats up for this weekend and if possible I'll make it out - though I don't know that area well enough to tell anyone where a good ride would be.
Sounds good ,,, let us know !!!!
Kind of like Ty, sounds good but have to see what is going on this weekend. I don't.know the roads down there either.
It still be nice to see you 2 again ,,, if possible !! Later
Ok here we go ,, The meeting place will be :::::

Sugarfoot and Peaches BBQ
1601 East Wall Street
Fort Scott Ks 66701
(620) 224-2888

At 11:30 am on Sat July 20th 2013 !!

Any Rhinos welcome ,, would love to meet more of you all if possible !

Come on out and ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any questions please feel free to call me Ray @ 816-291-2060 Thanks
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It looks like I am out on this one.

Everybody have a great and safe ride!!

Looks like I am out for Saturday. Too much going on at home. Getting tractor back from shop in the morning and lots of hay to move home. Will have to try later date. Ride safe!
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