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rm stators

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i hate to talk bad about anyone. so i wont. been reading alot where people are getting bad stators from rm stators.

i got 1...installed and found out it was no good. they did replace it free, except for me shipping back to them.

if anyone got a bad stator from these people please ad your name to this post so others can see.

thank you,

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add me to the list. jb
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Bad regulator / rectifier
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I posted this story on the tech forum and I'm posting it here
to relate my experience with an RM stator. Now I can't say for sure
the RM stator I installed was defective, so my experience is what it is,
or was what it was. How ever you want to look at it.

Soooo......for what it's worth........

Had almost the same thing happen to me. I replaced the stator in a ladies 84I, back in 2006, with a stator from RM. Wired it direct. Bench tested the regulator. Checked good. She drove it a 130 miles and the stator burned up. Totally bummed. Checked the regulator again and it showed shorted. Either the stator was defective or the regulator was weakened by the first stator going out, even though it checked good, so it died finally and wiped out the new stator. Who knows. Well I ended up buying the bike from her for 2200 and installing Dupli-Tech alternator conversion kit on it. It is a nice bike in very good shape and it included a color matched cargo trailer. She wasn't going to hold me to a free fix, she just wanted out. It is now a very nice, dependable 84I. My main everyday and touring ride.
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One question.......

Outside of the obvious, bench test bad, visibly defective, etc., how would
you know if a stator was defective unless you install it first and run it for
awhile under actual riding conditions?

That's the rub. You put in all that time and work only to have it all burn
up in your face. It can be a crap shoot.

If you find yourself faced with having to replace your stator, it might be best
to go with an OEM part and expect to change it out again in say 40000 miles,
rather then an after market part with a suspect track record.

Even OEM parts can be defective. But there's two things for certain............
death and taxes. :action:
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