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My name is Chuck....and I have a problem buying neglected bikes, bringing them back to health, and pretty much gifting them to deserving homes. My current project.....a 1984 Aspencade with 81k on the clock that is in fantastic cosmetic condition! It runs and rides well to boot...the seller was an airplane mechanic and he kept 100 Low Lead in it...the perfect storage fuel!
Anyway, the problems with the bike all relate to the small furry creatures that called that hanger and bike home. I've never seen such big mouse nests in a bike! The long winters made them hungry too leading them to dine on the wiring....the reason for my post. The little varmits chewed thru a number of wires that connect to the radio plug at the back of the radio slide-in rack. On the backside of this plug where the wires attach there are a number of small looped orange jumper wires connected between various pins. Unfortunately, as they are now chewed off and all orange, I have idea which pins to reconnect them to...and none of the wire diagrams I can find note the jumpers. Please see the attached pic. There are four orange stubs at the left end of the plug. Obviously, these were loops...I just don't which wire to reconnect to which! Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!
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