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RULES/GUIDELINES for posting Adverts here.

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The For Sale Forum is for the use of participating forum members, ie members who have at least 5 posts elsewhere on the forum. If you post something for sale and you have less than 5 posts made elsewhere on the forum, your advertisement will be deleted. If you have more than 5 and less than 15 posts made, your advertisement will be locked to replies until your post count reaches 15.
Bumping your own advertisement (posting repeatedly to your own advertisement thread to bump it back to the top) is not allowed. You may reply to questions in your advertisement thread, and update it occasionally with relevant information (price changes, parts sold etc.). But useless bump posts will see your whole advertisement thread removed. Moderators discretion in this will prevail.

Dealers and vendors wishing to advertise here should use this Contact Form and tick the Advertising Query option.

When posting adverts, please remember to put your location (country) in the advert, unless you already have this in your profile. It's not essential to put any private information like telephone numbers in the advert, although you can of course do this if you want to. Anyone interested in the item for sale can send you a PM and you can pass on any information that way if you prefer.

Do not put your e-mail address in your advert (we will edit it out if we see it), otherwise scammers from Nigeria and other places will probably try to con you out of your hard earned cash. Not only that, but bots trawling the web for fresh e-mail addresses will pick it up very quickly.Don't complain to me if you post your e-mail address in an advert and are contacted by scammers or spammers, you havebeen warned. Examples of scam e-mails can be found on this page
When you sell or buy the advertised item, please delete or close your thread.

Please post prices for items in US Dollars, Euro or UK Sterling.

If you are linking to an item for sale on places like Craigslist and EBay etc. that you are not selling yourself, we will lock the thread so it is read-only. This is so that forum members items for sale won't get lost down the page while the Craigslist and EBay posts stay at the top.

The For Sale forum is provided as a free facility and as such the forum Admins have no interest in the transactions other than seeing that the rules are observed. Any issues with items bought or sold here should be discussed privately by PM or e-mail between buyer and seller and not aired in public on the forum.

If you are looking for an item, please put Wanted; (followed by the item you want) in the subject line of the post. Example; Wanted; GL1500 front wheel.

Adding pictures with your advertisement.

You can post one picture of an item for sale with your advert. Instructions for posting pictures (taken from the FAQ section) are as follows;

You can use the "attachment" box at the bottom of the message editor and browse to the image on your hard drive and upload it. Currently the size limit is2mbs for each image and the images must be Jpeg, Jpg or Gif format. Images should not be wider than 700 pixels, this is to prevent the forum screen going wider than your monitor when large images are posted.

You can also link to images on another server if you prefer. Instructions for this (taken from the FAQ section) are as follows;

Use the "insert image" button on the text editor to link to an image on another site. When you click the button you will see a pop-up box to insert the URL of the imageinto. To get the URL of an image on a web site, just right click on it (Internet Explorer, I'm not sure how it's done in other browsers) and then click properties. In the Address (URL) line just copy the URL before composing your message here and paste it into the pop-up box that you will see when you click the "insert image" button. The "insert image" button looks like this;

You can post several pictures (up to the allocated space available to you)in the Gallery and place a link to them in your advert.
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