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Hi Fellow wingers.
After reading many negative comments about Saber Cycle I still went ahead and placed an order with them for several items I could not locate at other suppliers.

I received confirmation of my order and dispatch details within 12 hours.

I also received an email advising of a refund for overcharge of shipping costs, ( a first from any US supplier). :shock:

Regretfully USPS lost my package in transit:(:(.

It took usps 7 days to reply and then they wern't interested.

After exhausting all efforts here in New Zealand to track it down I contacted Diane.
Her reply's were swift and contained no contradictory remarks. She was informative and the information she gave on USPS problems were able to be verified.

A replacement order was dispatched within 2 days ( delayed only to allow a reasonable timeframe in case original showed up). This order was received within 7 days.:):).

I am very happy with their service and would order more products from them.

A lot of the time we are quick to blame the supplier but this time it was out of their hands and Diane was just as frustrated with USPS due to the lack of service shown to her and myself. At no time did she take this out on me nor make any derogertory remarks.

I feel it only right to publish my dealings with this company.

John Donald
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Good to hear it.

She came here awhile back, and explained. Some were willing to hear it, and some had been burned in the past and weren't forgiving.

I understand it, as I have been burned by businesses and haven't given them a second chance. Sometimes my anger is deep, and sometimes later on my anger fades.

I bought from Saber Cycle once myself, and my own experience was middle of the road.No problems, not the warmest communicator, but nothing to complain about.

I'm glad to hear of a good transaction.
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I am glad that it worked out for you in the end. I wouldn't be so hard on the USPS as once the shipment leaves the shores of the US for international delivery it is really out of there hands and they are relying on other shippers and other postal services to deliver the package without being able to track the package.

I would use FedEx, UPS or DHL in the future for international delivery.
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I have had a lot of problems with UPS,I have a lot of stuff come in with UPS and they dont care where they put it of .I have found some of the stuff at other peoples houses and even on the road they just throw it out anywere and they dont have you sign papers or I wouldnt suggest UPS thats for sure.Its bad when you have to go hunt every thing down.
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As an update to my post.
I am a former NZ Postal worker ( 6 years as a Customer Services Supervisor, Claims).

I used some old contacts within NZ Post and also NZ Customs to try and track this item down. It was able to be confirmed that the container the item was assigned to arrived in NZ within 3 days and was missing several items.

There has been a recent upsurge in the number of queries regarding missing items sent by USPS.

Two years ago I had the same problem with Fedex. A container arrived in NZ with numerous items missing. Funnily they were all Motorcycle parts and one supplier was missing four items. I was able to make contact with the Oceiania manager located in Australia. With her help and also help from the suppliers 4 staff from the Oaklands International dispatch centre were charged with interference and theft. Many of the missing items appeared on E-bay.
In my case the missing item turned up 2 weeks later. Although it clearly showed as being in a container destined for NZ It turned up in the UK unmarked and not scanned.
Someone got cold feet.

USPS have only replied stating they have no idea where it has gone. Informed that items were missing from the container they went very quiet and 4 days later suggested that the supplier should make a claim.

Did anyone notice that USPS track and confirm site was down for 5 days. Only came back up this morning! How are you able to keep track??
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Well....don't get me started! My company ships large numbers of packages, nationally, and worldwide, every day.

The request is always "send it the cheapest way". If we send a USPS package, even insured, via the cheapest way (which is now Priority Mail International aka "air"; there IS no international surface, anymore), once the package leaves our hands, it is virtually untraceable.

One can pay extra for tracking (oh, but the customer wants it cheap). UPS packages are ALL trackable, every minute, of every day...but, you pay for it.

Everyone wants a "free lunch", eh? Even USPS tracking typically runs about a day behind the actual package; I've sent items to the UK, and they don't show as "delivered" until at least a day after they actually arrived.

Having said that, despite what you hear from Europe, our system is probably the equal, in terms of efficiency and security, of any in the world. Precious few letters or packages EVER get truly "lost". Assuming the sender had the common sense to put a return address on it, a rare lost package nearly always comes home!

The funniest one for us (in the 18 years I've been with my company) was a package destined for Belgium, that ended up, in Bermuda! Close, but no cigar, alphabetically...the next bin, perhaps? :shock:

If you REALLY want an earful, PM MikeF, who's partner Thea (WldWcnWmn) works for USPS. I'm being gentle; I promise!

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UPS stinks these days. They used to deliver to my door, now they throw my stuff next to my mailbox 1/4 mile away. They charge too much & don't even have a phone # listed. I much prefer the USPS.:X
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you're just lucky, thatwoman insulted me through several emails. i will NEVER buy from them.
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Long ago I realized that UPS stands for Unreliable Postal Service. I have NEVER had a major problem with Fed-Ex, and the times I did have questions they were quick to address them.

The final time I chose to deal with UPS was when I was in Florida and realized we had forgotten our paperwork to catch a cruise ship to the Bahama's. I contacted UPS and paid for overnight delivery, when it didn't arrive the following day I called them and was given the brush off. After some "aggressive" phone calls it was located and they assured me it would arrive sometime the NEXT day, after our ship left.

It got nasty and I finally arranged for it to arrive in time, for an additional special delivery charge. Having no choice I paid it. After we arrived home I disputed the extra charge along with the overnight shipment I had paid for, a waste of time.
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I bought some chrome goodies from Saber on two occasions. While I found them abrasive (impatient might be the word) to deal with when I wanted an answer to something like "will that fit my model?" I have to give some due credit and admit I received the correct items in good time.

What put me off buying again is that I know it is all pot luck with them, some of my friends drew different straws to me and had bad luck. And that was before I read all the bad stuff on other forums and here.

Kudos to Saber this time for taking care of John Donald and I hope this is a sign of a turnaround.
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So far, so good. But please, stick to personal experience only.

He said, she said is Off Topic.
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I have had nothing but good service from UPS! Almost everything I order comes UPS and they have never, ever screwed me over. Now they aren't quick to deliver. I can track a package and it shows out for delivery before 6am and I may get it anywhere from 3 to 9pm...and I'm just 4 miles from the local hub.
FedEx has screwed up an order once but that involved a contract driver out of Memphis and I'm about 60 miles from there.

The USPS has been so-so as far as package delivery. But then they use FedEx and UPS for transport also.

Overall...I prefer FedEx first, UPS second...USPS third.

Never purchased anything from Saber Cycle so I can't make a negative remark about them but I'm glad your order worked out with them!
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ive purchased several things from them and ive never had any problems got the online shipping recipt with in 12 to 24hrs of purchase and the parts i ordered came with in 3 to 5 business days.
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I certainly don't want to get into a war of words, with anyone...if you've had a bad experience with a shipping method, well, nothing I can say will probably change your mind?

Here are a few tips, from a guy who does it, all day long, every day.

To insure a US Postal Service box is cheap. Ask the vendor to insure it. If you're worried about them leaving it somewhere where it might be pilfered, ask the vendor to provide "proof of delivery" (also, not very expensive), which requires a signature.

If you DON'T do that, you need to realize that your package is untraceable, so DON'T bitch to the seller...they can't do a thing about it. We won't SHIP a package without insuring it, for the invoice value. We explain to the customer what can be traced, and what can't, and of course, they opt for the "cheapest" and then immediately call us to find out where their package is? LOL

If you use UPS (United Parcel Service), you can also specify "adult signature required" - ask your vendor. Here's a better bet- why not pick a destination where someone can actually sign for it, during the daytime?

Most businesses will allow you to ship your stuff to your work address, if you warn/ask them, in advance. Some vendors won't, such as certain computer parts companies (must be shipped to the address on the credit card), but, I've NEVER run into that, with a motorcycle parts company. I have everything shipped to my work address.

Customers often say "oh, just tell them to leave it, at the door". If a package is insured, which it automatically is for $100, with another 40 cents per hundred, I believe, with UPS- that means you can insure a $1000 package for less than $4), and the driver "leaves it" and it disappears, guess who's on the hook?

In some locales (like Los Angeles, for example) they just won't do it, anymore. Can you blame them?

We've tried FedEx (sucks, in our area; may be great, in yours), as well as DHL and other now defunct methods. They were all about the same.

Just some thoughts. I DO wish though, that folks would accept responsibility for their decisions; if you want it "cheap", there is going to be a sacrifice, in service. Get real; get used to it.

This is just IMHO, and I promise, you can do what you like, and I'm not trying to start a fight, over this...we're all motorcyclists, and we all have our hugely important opinions...says the guy, with far too many? :cooldevil:
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