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sat on the f6b

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our local dealer got one in, no demo rides, i sat on it, it seems lower but seat is wider so feet still not flat footed. be interesting to try but i would miss the trunk.
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One of the dealers here in Salt Lake City has one out on their show room floor. I came to the same conclusion the seat is to wide.

be interesting to try but i would miss the trunk.
Can't say that I would miss the trunk, but I am pretty sure I would miss the coin to get it.
I sat on one last Friday, was surprised at how is not allowing test rides at the moment...I like the bike, but intend to wait to see what after market provides...I cant afford one till 2014 is a new forum...
Do dealers expect people to buy them without test riding them?
Do dealers expect people to buy them without test riding them?
Probably so...Either you want it, or you don't.
Do dealers expect people to buy them without test riding them?
I understand the dealers' points of view on this.
If a motorcycle dealership allows test rides, they'll get LOTS of people in who'll want to ride the bikes. Unfortunately for them, their sales will not increase to any degree which would justify allowing test rides.
Fact of the matter is, at least around here, when the local dealerships did have test rides, there were plenty more shoppers but no increase in sales.
Window shoppers go on test rides, serious shoppers buy.
I don't see the point of it. Before I buy a car, I test drive it. Before I buy a recliner, I put my butt in it. Before I spend $20K to buy a new bike, I want to test ride it to make sure it is in fact what I want. If the dealer doesn't want to allow it, fine but I will take my money to another dealer that will.
our dealer said it was insurance. in nev. the owner is responsible for damage, in other states the rider is responsible.
Stopped by the local dealer today and he had a black F6B deluxe on the floor. Thought it is a good looking bike. Honda should consider black exhaust on the black model, that would make it a "Wicked" looking bike. I have to agree the seat seems to wide. All-in-all, if I was in the market for a new bike, I wouldn't hesitate to seriously consider the F6B.
I looked at some used GL1800s with 60,000 miles on them priced in the low to mid teens. A new F6B is around $19,000 I think. For a one up rider like myself all it would need is a back rest to be a great bike for me. I like it!
I sat on one the other day. I found it lower and my legs were more bent when flat foot on the ground...but I am 6'1" and have never had an issue even on the wing so couldn't say if it is better for shorter riders. I did find the seat wider at the rear and firmer too but missed the Wing style seat. I need the lower hip support the Wing gives with it's straighter step up. I wouldn't be surprised to see some killer custom seats come out in the next few weeks to make it a bit better. I would love to ride one because I think from the look of it they have lost a bit of cornering ability. It seems to sit lower to me.
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