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Two Scorpion Helmets, FF, matte black

I have two helmets. One is one year old and the other is months old.
Here are the links to both helmets. I will take pictures for anyone interested.
I have an EXO-400 Series (L, Matte Black),
and the other is a an EXO-1000 Series (XL, Matte Black) with the flip down glasses inside.
These helmets are in PERFECT condition. The EXO-1000 still has the new helmet smell.
NON SMOKER. (important to me)
I want 200.00 for the 1000 and 100 for the 400. I would rather trade because the wife wants Nolan flip helmets.
I have an 1800 Wing.
I am looking for Nolan N-102 or N-103 N-con style in Black or White, Large and Medium.
Any questions, please ask.
My email is [email protected], Ray
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