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twisty wrote:
[email protected] wrote:
As a new winger :grinner:, I just made one of my first mistakes :gunhead:. On a fairly long road trip this weekend, I found my wing with so much bug juice on the windshield I could barely see :shock:. Not having any other options open to me I stopped at a nearby gas station and used some of their dirty water and a squeegee. Now my windshield has a bunch of little scratches in it where there were none before. I assume some Plexiglas safe scratch out and a soft polishing cloth will take them out :baffled:, but first wanted to see if anyone :coollep: has any specific products and/or procedures they recommend for 1.) removing minor scratches from the windshield and for 2.) cleaning the windshield while on the road without leaving scratches in the first place.
Jeb, on the scratch question?-- That would depend on the depth & length of the scratches. For very light small scratches, using any of the plastic or Lexan cleaner polishes might work for you. Novo makes a good cleaner & polish I personally like. If the scratches are many, deep, or long then I have found that using a power buffing wheel with a foam polishing pad (not a cutting pad) & using a paintswirl removing compound like Finesse (a very fine white compound) works pretty darn good as a first step then going over it with a plastic polish to give it the final. It willprobably never be a clear as new but in most cases you can make it much better.

Now on the bug problem on the road?-- For that I carry an old terry cloth towel in my side bag.. When I'm fueling up I take the terry cloth towel into the rest room & wet it down real good with hot water,, then lay that hot wet towel on the bug side of the windshield for a few minutes.. That will soften those pesky bugs & allow then to be wiped off pretty easily without any plastic damage.

Thanks twisty for the hot towel idea!! Never would have thought of that but boy did it work well!
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